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7 Easy & Brilliant Ways to Improve Your Patio Privacy!

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People worldwide are spending more time on their patios. Since 2020 when Covid put restrictions worldwide because of the Pandemic, outdoor patios have skyrocketed.

People need fresh air and a place outside their homes to relax and unwind. Patios are the perfect answer for getting together safely with others. The reason being is that social distancing and clean air are easier outdoors.

Additionally, patios are becoming extensions of indoor space. Many people style their outdoor spaces to match the level of style inside their homes.

Nevertheless, outdoor living spaces are deficient in some ways. Mother Nature is less private. Ultimately, patio privacy is what many people find lacking.

Do you want more privacy for your patio? Therefore, keep reading to find seven easy and brilliant ideas for making your patio more private.

Patio Privacy Fixes

The following fixes are easy ways to provide the privacy you are looking for on your patio. Depending upon your privacy needs, one or more of the following may be the perfect solution to the challenges you have.

In the meantime, let’s get started with descriptions of each.

Fabric Panels

fabric panels hanging on a pergola for privacy

What would you say if I told you that privacy could be achieved simply by using fabric curtain panels? Most patios have beams or posts that support the roof. Using these beams or posts to hang panel curtains is sheer genius.

The curtain panels are easy to hang. Attaching a rod on the open sides of the patio to hang the curtains is easy to do with a ladder and a few tools.

Consumers can purchase premade curtains, or if you are crafty, you can sew them pretty inexpensively. One crafty person used a drop cloth as her fabric and sewed a curtain for her patio.

As a result, hanging these curtains doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch this quick video for a quick lesson.

Lattice Fencing

wood lattice

                                                                          Photo credit:

According to Oxford Languages Dictionary, a lattice is “a structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left in the middle. Lattice is used as a screen or fence or as a support for climbing plants.” One way to use lattice is to make a privacy fence.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You don’t have the proper tools to cut your strips of wood to fasten together to make a lattice fence.

What if I told you that your local big box home store could make the cuts you need? Additionally, avoiding the need for another power tool to do it yourself.

Not all stores offer this service, but they will make the first few cuts for free in my hometown store and then charge you a small amount for each subsequent cut.

Privacy Screen Using Blinds or Shades

Blinds and shades are not just for inside the home. Blinds or shades are commonly used for outdoor patio spaces for privacy. Additionally, blinds and shades are generally inexpensive and hang with little effort.

Moreover, blinds and shades can protect your furnishings from the intensity of the sun’s rays and keep the heat from the sun from heating your space, allowing you to be on your patio for more extended periods.

Lastly, patio blinds and shades come in various color preferences and custom sizes that fit many patio spaces. If you like this option, many online merchants sell them.  

Artificial Hedge Panels

artificial green hedge

There are many different styles of hedge panels for patio privacy. Installing hedge panels can be done in various ways, but attaching them to a freestanding lattice wall or chain link fence is best for privacy.  

The artificial panels look like boxwood or ivy. They are made from plastic and, remarkably, do a beautiful job of privatizing your patio space.

The panels typically come in sheets 20″ square. These green panel sheets are attached to grid panels and easily connect to your wall, fence, or freestanding structure.

Making a privacy wall measuring 4′ x 8′ would cost under $100. It is also straightforward to install, and there are many videos online that will guide you through it.  

Build A Living Wall

Building a wall with live plants is beautiful and possible to do independently. Take a look at this video below to see one made from beginning to end.  

This project costs you time primarily. However, buying 6-8 bags of potting soil to use can be costly, but if you buy the off-brand, you can make this less expensive.  

I would love to hear if you decide to do this project, and attaching pictures would be great!

Plant Trees & Shrubs

tree and shrubs planted around the patio for privacy

In addition, planting trees and shrubs may be an obvious fix but a valid one at that. Fast-growing trees include poplars and Norway Spruce. Some of the faster-growing shrubs include blue hydrangeas.  

It is not unheard of for people to know that it will take a couple of years to grow a live shrub or tree privacy screen, start even before adding their patios. Live shrubs and trees are long-lasting privacy hacks.  

In my current neighborhood, the residents living there plant fruit trees that grow pretty quickly. Having fruit trees to look at for yourself and your neighbors could be a fantastic way to brighten your yard as well as provide you the privacy you need.  

Jumbo-sized Planters With Tall Bushy Plants

extra large garden plants that offer privacy

Potted plants are perfect for setting around the patio to offer more privacy and, of course, beauty to your patio area.  

When homeowners take care to place the plants and flowers optimally, they will thrive the best in the shade or sun, depending upon their individual needs.  

Also, plants offer perfect privacy if larger or put upon tables or short walls. Using potted flowers and plants in this way is a brilliant move on your part.

In particular, both you and the neighbors will benefit from the fragrance and the luscious green foliage throughout the patio season. It is a win-win!

In Conclusion

Using any of these ideas is an easy and brilliant way to improve your patio privacy. Some ideas are more labor-intensive, but the results are stunning.  

Above all, if you want to try one of these ideas, the benefits will far outweigh the work involved. Further, these fixes do not require any power tools (except for the living wall).  

Gathering friends and family for an afternoon on the weekend might be enough to get it done with some assistance. When finished, you can sit on your patio and admire your newly found privacy and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

Thanks for stopping by. Leave your comments or questions below, and I will be sure to respond promptly.

As always,

Marla @ Outdoor Patio Misters

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  1. As a patio is an extension of the home, it is to be a relaxing and a cherished place to come to separate yourself from the cares of life. In this regards, it should be a secluded place of shelter where you need not worry about interference or that people will find out sensitive areas of your life. Fabric panels, lattice fencing, artificial hedge panels, shades, a living wall or trees; all can help to provide the privacy and separation needed for a successful place of refuge.

    1. Hello,

      I have lived in too many places that have not had a patio that was private and it was awkward at times when the neighbors were out at the same time.  Being too close and seeing and hearing all of what is happening next door was not ideal.  Now I have a very private patio space that is not in view of my neighbors.  I appreciate being able to relax and enjoy the privacy my patio offers.  It is not that I am hiding anything or doing anything I wouldn’t want others to see, it is just the fact that I want to feel relaxed and uninhibited.  Having a private patio does that for us.

      Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your comments.


  2. Marla, very creative ideas indeed. Outdoor furniture was such an incredible hot niche during the pandemic. I am perfectly sure this website of yours has enjoyed quite a lot of attention during the pandemic. Very nice quality images used. I especially liked the jumbo sized planter photograph. So colourful and inviting.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. The pandemic has opened up many ideas for patios, furniture, and activities enjoyed by the family. It has been fun to see how patios have taken off. I appreciate you leaving comments.


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