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marla- blogger and author of outdoor patio misters.

About Marla

Hello and welcome to my Outdoor Patio Misters website. I’m a relatively new fan of patio misters, having just moved to a very warm climate from a very cold, wintry climate. Clearly, I had no idea that these awesome misters even existed until my first visit to my current home state.

Here’s my story…

I grew up in North Dakota, where it’s warm in the summer, but so cold in the winter. Without a doubt, we are talking wicked cold. In addition, within 1 minute of exposure, being exposed to wind chills below minus 20 degrees can result in frostbite. Yes, you read that right. I said, “1 minute“.

Then, in my twenties,  I moved to Minnesota, which is just as cold. It definitely wore on me.  Shoveling snow and driving on icy roads to and from work for many, many years was horrendous.  Summer in MN was beautiful. Of course, once November hit it was fair to say winter would start and not end until April. That is a long time to shovel snow, drive on ice, and buck the wind chill to walk to the mailbox.  Consequently, let’s just say I had lost my love of winter!

Fast forward to 2020. The pandemic was in a frenzy! Not only did winter chill keep me inside, but now also the pandemic. Clearly, I was ready for a change. My hubby and I decided to head south to visit Arizona. We arrived in September and the weather was very hot, registering over 100 degrees. 

It wasn’t unbearable in the shade, so we headed to a local bar for lunch and sat outside under the awning.  Despite the hot temperature outside, we were delighted by the refreshing feeling of chilled mist caressing our bareskin.  We loved this feeling and we knew that. we could love Arizona!

It should be noted, we weren’t getting soaked  because it was evaporating so quickly. Misters!!!! OMG, Arizona was going to be amazing.

How I want to help others – sharing my mission!

Immediately, I had a light bulb moment, suddenly realizing how I could share this exciting idea with others.  Providing regular people (like you and me)with information about patio misters was my new plan. 

Excitedly,  this is the reason for this website.  We now have the opportunity to benefit from systems we thought were too expensive or too hard to install. 

Now, we can decide based on the facts. My goal is to show you some patio misters, to provide you with some reviews whether good or bad. In addition,  summarize what they say. With my new wisdom, I will share it with you.  Knowing more will make it easier for us to decide how to cool our outdoor spaces.

All my best,


Founder of Outdoor patio misters