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Backyard Space Ideas – Is A New Patio In Your Plan?


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Hello, everyone. The holidays are over, and you may start thinking about Springtime and having backyard space ideas for fun and relaxation.

Maybe you didn’t have backyard space ideas this past year and are thinking of adding one to your backyard. It can be as simple or complicated as you want.  

The purpose of my blog post is to share with you details to think about when making a plan for adding a patio to your backyard space. Now is a perfect time to dream about relaxing outside and making a dreamy space for yourself and your family.

Pros Of Having A Patio

What are some pros of having a patio in your backyard? An excellent response to this might be that you dream of having backyard get-togethers where friends and family can gather.  

Having a patio allows you to add living space to your existing home. The past few years have been tough on many people spending more time at home due to the Covid pandemic.

As a result, many of us are sick and tired of our homes as we cannot get out and socialize in the same ways we have before the pandemic. Many of us want to add square footage to our existing homes, and building a patio is a great way to achieve this!

Durable Materials


light colored pavers with concrete grout


Choosing durable materials will be necessary. Outdoor spaces can take a beating from the weather, including the sun, rain, snow, and other extremes.  

Ultimately, it is essential to make sure you consider how much the elements will impact your patio. For example, deciding on what materials to use is important because certain materials are more negatively affected by the sun. 

For example, concrete and asphalt have a higher capacity for high temperatures, but also because of the density of concrete and asphalt, the materials release heat much more slowly.

Standing on concrete as opposed to asphalt will make a difference in how hot you will become. Of the two, concrete is cooler, as it is lighter colored than asphalt. Asphalt, because of its dark color, absorbs more heat.  

beautiful wood patio/deck with a large bench facing the beautiful green landscape

If you use wood and have a lot of rain or snow, it will be essential to protect the wood by applying polyurethane or similar material. Polyurethane is a clear coating making it highly durable and water-resistant too.  

Applying varnishes to seal and waterproof the wood exposed to the elements is also a great idea.   If you want to change the color of the wood before sealing it, there are many stains for doing so.  

Some people use tung oil or linseed oil for a more hand-rubbed finish. Of course, this would not be highly durable to snow and ice.  

Three Types of Pavers to Use

Particular pavers are better than others to use for sunny, hot areas. Let me be clear; all pavers get hot.

Ultimately, lighter-colored pavers stay cooler than darker colors (think of dark bricks made of clay used to make ovens for pizza, for example). 

Travertine pavers are your best option! These pavers come in hues of yellow, white, and light gray.  

It is especially great to use travertine pavers because they do not hold on to the heat as much as some others, thus making them ideal for patio areas.  

Another paver to use is light-colored marble pavers. Although not as good at keeping cool as travertine pavers, they are second in terms of their popularity based on heat reflecting from them.  

Lastly, concrete pavers may be a good option for several reasons. The cost is less, and it might be the best option for someone who doesn’t want to invest in natural stone pavers.  

Remember To Keep Them Light in Color

Keep concrete pavers light in color, or you will risk burning your feet if walking barefooted.  

Another option you may want to consider when thinking of an outdoor patio is the type of furnishings you will want to include. Brightly colored patio cushions and pillows, bright umbrellas, and expensive woods may not be the best choices if you have a sunny patio because of fading.  

However, there are products on the market to spray on your furnishings to hinder the sun’s adverse effects.   

How Big Will You Make It


For every person (family member, maybe?) to use the patio space, you should allow 25 square feet according to  

Many decent-sized patios are about 20 X 20 ft, which calculates to around 400 square feet. A patio this size would accommodate approximately 16 people.  

A 10 X 10 ft patio would accommodate approximately eight people, depending on its configuration.  

The determining factor for size will be your goals for your patio space. Are you planning to have lots of people using the patio, or would have a smaller number of people make better sense for your purpose?

(check out these ideas on how to make an attractive entrance using plants)


It will be wise to keep decorating charges separate from building costs when determining costs. In other words, have an individual budget for furnishings such as rugs, furniture, lights, firepit, pillows, blankets and cushions, planters, and umbrellas, to name the basics.  

Building costs are approximate, but for around 300 square feet (accommodates 12 or so people) of travertine pavers, it will cost an average of $3,900.00, according to Home Advisor.  

For the same size patio built with marble, the cost would be approximately $18.00 per square ft. for a total cost of $5400.00

For a 300 square ft. concrete patio, you can expect it to cost around $2900.00. Concrete will be your least expensive option.  


Putting it all into perspective, how would you like 300+ square feet added to your living space by building a patio in your backyard. There are travertine pavers, marble pavers, wood, or concrete pavers that you can use to install a patio.

With the pandemic, having additional space and outdoor space is desirable. Imagine increasing your area and what that could do for your family, friends, and current living space concerns.

Costs are not as high as I had imagined. For $3,000 to $6,000, you can achieve your dream of adding a patio to your backyard.  

Imagine how good it will feel to relax in your new space when the weather becomes warmer. Adding space makes sense in these trying Covid times. 

Spending more and more time at home and with the family is the perfect reason to add a patio. It also adds to the resale value of your home, so it is a good investment.  

Will you decide to build a patio this year? What is holding you back from doing so? Please respond in the comments below.

I look forward to your comments!

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  1. Hi Maria. I love having a patio. In our old home we had quite a large one. It was an extension of the screened in porch so it added a lot of living space to our home. Now we have only a patio since we live in a townhouse development. Fortunately it was there when we moved in. However, I intend on moving to another home that has some grass, but I will definitely keep your post in mind when deciding to create another patio extension. They do add a lot of living space and it is so much fun to decorate. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Nina,
      I am delighted to hear that you enjoy patios and decorating. I also love having live plants on my patio and am wondering if you might have some ideas for winter-safe plants for Arizona?


      1. Hi Marla. There are many plants that will survive the winters in Arizona. Here are just a few.
        California poppies
        Desert marigolds
        Sweet peas
        Pansies (the winter variety)

        A very pretty ornamental grass that will survive well in Arizona is the Muhlenberg capilaris Pink Muhly Grass.
        Check out this post about ornamental grasses for more information on a Pink Muhly Grass.


        1. Nina,
          This is great information! I will link to your site when writing another plant post about Arizona winter hardy plants. So very interesting! Thanks for your help!


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