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Curtains For Outdoor Patios – Look Here Before You Buy!


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An Introduction to Buying Curtains For Outdoor Patios

Clearly, some patio spaces are not complete without curtains for outdoor patios. Homeowners use curtains for various reasons,  including a decorative look, a way to block out the direct sunshine, privacy from neighbors, create an ambiance, and shield the patio from rain, wind, and other outdoor activities elements.

Ultimately, deciding if you want or need patio curtains is really up to your personal preference. Thinking about what purpose they will serve will help you determine if you’re adding this decorative element to your outdoor space.  

Today, I will blog about patio curtains and the reasons for and the types of materials that will work best for your patio conditions. Indeed, the goal is to understand what works well for your particular patio needs.

If you plan to use curtains to update or add to your patio, keep reading more good info!

Top Factors to Consider

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As stated previously, outdoor curtains for the patio are not required but can add pizazz to your outdoor patio space quickly and inexpensively for the most part. Achieving the results below is high on the list regarding getting the fabric you need.  

Think about your space, close your eyes, and pretend that you are sitting in your favorite spot on the patio, after which, in your mind’s eye, think about how you might feel if it were sunny, windy, rainy, or if your neighbors could see you relaxing. These are the top factors to keep in mind to make your patio space exactly how you have dreamed. Also, try to capture what you want to feel on your patio. Reading and exploring will help you choose the right ambiance and colors. 

  1. UV Resistant
  2. Weather Resistant
  3. Fabric – Pattern or Solid?
  4. Privacy Curtains
  5. Ambiance

UV Resistant Curtains

UV-resistant curtains are just that. They resist fading and dampening in color from the bright and warm sun’s rays. Is your patio directly in the sun?

Do you have furniture with brightly covered cushions and pillows that you want to preserve the distinctly, bright colors that make them your favorites?

As a result, designers use UV-resistant materials to block out the harmful sun’s rays. The curtains can be either light or dark in color as long as they have thermal backing to either block or eradicate the sun’s rays for a room-darkening experience.  

The thermal backing is a feature to help keep your space cooler. The panels themselves can come in a variety of colors to resist both high temperatures and resist fading your cushions and pillows from the harmful rays of the sun.  

Many retailers sell UV-resistant curtains both in stores and online. When you shop, look for outdoor sun-blocking or UV- resistance in the description before buying.  

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Another product to consider to keep your cushions, pillows, and fabrics bright is to use a spray product designed to resist the sun’s harmful rays that are doing damage by fading and degrading the material. You can use this UV Spray in addition to providing a UV-resistant curtain to protect your furniture. 

Weather Resistant Curtains

Curtains labeled weather-resistant or even waterproof are an option for you if you live in a rainy, windy, or dusty area. People who live in humid climates may also choose weather-resistant curtains to mitigate mildew and mold that can plague some fabrics.  

Manufacturers use chemicals to make some choices of curtains weather-resistant for outdoor usage. The fabrics used are typically medium weight and thickness. Polyester is a common material.  

The treatment used on the fabric allows for water to run right off the material without it absorbing into the fabric. Manufacturers design the fabric to resist fungus, mold, and mildew.

Fabric – Pattern or Solid?

brightly colored fabric swatches that are solids and patterns

The patio curtain market has much to offer you in choosing what color and style of fabric appeals to you. These curtains can be lightweight, sheer, medium weight and thickness, solid in color, patterned, and even available in many fabric types.   

The varied colors and patterns will allow you to customize the look you want for your patio space. Choosing bright colors, neutrals, solids, or designs is possible in all types of outdoor curtains. You may find UV resistant, weather-resistant, in sheers, and thermal-backed blackout colors.  

Privacy Curtains

There are lots of options for creating privacy in your backyard patio. You may want privacy from neighbors, from family members who are out in the backyard, and from which you would like to provide yourself privacy for movie watching, napping, or reading.  

One privacy hedge that has grown in popularity is an artificial green border or vine that provides the privacy you want with an outdoor vibe. These privacy panels are easy to mount with pre-fabricated ring holes for your convenience.  

However, if you are looking for fabric, there are plenty of options for you. Manufacturers make privacy curtains with weather-resistant and UV-resistant materials.   The materials are both vinyl or cloth made from polyester, linen, or a poly-blend to make your choices match your needs.  

Curtains For Ambiance

The variety of choices of outdoor curtains for the patio can provide any ambiance you want to enjoy. Understanding color choices and mood is an excellent place to start.  

Choosing bright, cheery colors may add to the feelings of happiness and contentedness you want to express in your outdoor space. 

Muted colors might be your choice, and these colors may fit in best with your furniture, plants, decor, and groundedness. Muted colors can sometimes feel monotonous, but the advantages are that they are clean and calm.

Using red shades adds energy, drama, and excitement to the space. You may not want your area outdoor to add anxiety but might somewhat tone down the ambiance. 

In contrast, blues and greens are calming and relaxing. These colors and their different hues can provide a sensory place that speaks to your need for chilling out and de-stressing on the patio.  

Lastly, yellow is known for being an attractive color. It is often a color that increases the feeling of expansiveness. A small area may feel larger when using yellow.  

You may read more about color here

To Sum It All Up For You

Patios come in all shapes and sizes. Some patios are more formal, while others are casual and homey. Patio curtains are an option for various reasons, including shading your furniture, providing you privacy, keeping out the elements such as rain, dust, and wind. All patio curtains can give a decorative ambiance.  

Decorating your patio with colorful fabrics can be done inexpensively and without a lot of fanfare. Buying pre-made curtains, cushions, and pillows is the way to go for ease and simplicity.

Given these points, hiring a professional or yourself is a great option when hanging the curtains. There would be no worrying about hanging them perfectly. Of course, paying to have someone mount them adds to the overall expense. But another way to look at it also protects you from relying on your skills.

Ultimately, the purpose of outdoor curtains for the patio is for decoration, sun blocking, weather blocking, privacy, and ambiance.  

Need Some Inspiration?

Then, you may want to follow this link for many beautiful examples and ideas if you feel inspired. I recently decided that I would like to add curtains to my patio. My primary purpose is for ambiance, and the pictures shown when clicking on the link will help my decision-making.  

Additionally, enjoy browsing through the images to get great ideas!

Lastly, let me know in the comments below what questions you may have or ideas you would like to share. Please do so, and I will respond. I wish you the best! Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. What a lovely article about patio curtains!
    Usually when I buy patio curtains, I have always been more concerned about color and ambiance. Now I know better! I never realized that by giving thought to other criteria suc as privacy, weather resistance and UV resistance I could make my purchases even longer lasting……
    I totally agree with you that it is better to get a professional to hang them up for you. My husband learned this the hard way……and still had to get a professional to get it done Ha!Ha!Ha!
    Now I’m REALLY looking forward to this summer.

    1. Patio curtains can be such a great addition to any outdoor space. I love that you get professionals to hang your curtains! It is a good marriage saver for sure! I have enjoyed learning about outdoor patio things in general, and I am a big patio lover!

      Thanks for your comments,

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