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Decorating Ideas For The Outdoors – It’s All About What You Love

pottery vase and planter sitting on the ledge of the patio

Decor For Your Patio

Are you looking for patio decor that screams, “buy me!”? Getting decorating ideas for the outdoors has never been easier.

All the websites help you show examples of cutting-edge decor for your patio. It is astounding how many ideas you can get.

I will also include some prime examples of modern decor for your outdoor space right here on my website! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases,” which will be linked below.

When you decide what decor you like, ordering and delivery are straightforward and efficient. It won’t be long, and you may have some or all new pieces for your patio in which to enjoy.

Lighting12 outdoor patio hanging lights

Lighting for the patio is essential to get the ambiance you want for your patio. Moreover, outdoor lighting allows you to improve security and add style.

Do you want bright and direct lights? Do you want hanging lights that provide a well-lit but too bright patio space? Or are you looking for something else entirely?

Based on what you want to have in your outdoor space, you can use spike lights, outdoor floodlights, garden wall lighting, in-ground lights, deck lighting, or outdoor spotlights. 

Lights can give your area a different mood or ambiance

lighting varies in cost. According to homeadvisor, it varies based on your choice, but the average price is $2000 to $4500. lighting can increase the value of your home with a 50% ROI, according to Bob Villa.

Motion sensor lights start at around $200 on the low end to upwards of $500. Accordingly, the price goes up if you use smart technology to include smart LEDs and a controller.

Overall, protecting your home with a combination of lighting options is ultimately the end goal. Having good lighting prevents crime from occurring.


brightly colored outdoor patio rug

There are oodles of outdoor rugs for your selection. To begin with, you need to know a few things to look for in an outdoor rug.

First, make sure you know what exact size you will need for your outdoor space. Don’t be like me and guess the size; purchase one and then take it back and get the right size.

Furthermore, measure before you make a choice!! Measuring will save you the hassles of having to return it. 

Returning products (massive products) is a pain that none need.

Once you have the right size, start to think about your color scheme for your patio space. Often, we are afraid of patterns and bolder colors, but it seems that bolder patterned rugs are pretty popular.

So begin your search.

You will see some colors that start to click and make sense to you. Ensure to check the rug materials to be confident they can withstand the outdoor elements.

It is prevalent for outdoor rugs to be less expensive than indoor rugs. Outdoor rugs typically have synthetic materials that make them waterproof and easy to clean. 

You might see listed materials are polyester or manufactured polypropylene and nylon or acrylic.

You can vacuum outdoor rugs the same as indoor rugs. When placing them near furniture, make sure to set the furniture on top of the edges of the carpet to stabilize them from windy conditions.

Also, using a rug pad will extend the life of your rug as it buffers dirt, moisture, and other maladies from ruining your carpet.

Garden Pots, Planters, & Vases

beautiful pottery patio vase sitting out in the backyardThe other day I stopped over at a friend’s house. We sat out on her patio to visit. I couldn’t help but notice all her flower pots and planters filled with plants and flowers outside Arizona.

It made me think how lacking my patio is with just three plants. My main excuse is that I don’t have suitable planters, but that is quite lame.

Pots and planters can be found anywhere, even at second-hand stores. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, multi-colored pots might work.

Some people buy many of the same pots and planters, so their flowers and plants look uniform. Whatever style and color make you happy is the right one.

Color is very personal, and most people have their favorites. Additionally, most people know what they dislike!

And remember the vases.

garden pots filled with various succulents

Currently, vases are also famous for patios. I see a lot of vases that are pretty tall, at least 3 ft.

People use decorative wood stalks that are often colored a shade to complement the vase itself. It is lovely to see that some people even put mini lights across and around the stalks of wood.

Not only are decorative vases popular for patios, but also they are famous for your front entry. Walking up to a person’s home looks great with a perfectly sized garden vase adequately placed.

Pots, planters, and vases are made out of various materials that do well outside with the rain and wind. However, make sure you take in pottery or glass vases if the wind whips up.

I have lost some garden decor over the years to inclement weather. If you get snow where you live, make sure to take in your plants to save your vases, so they are safe from harm’s way.

Putting It Together In The Perfect Way

a beautifully decorated patio with a rug, potted plants and lighting

After all, putting it together in the perfect way for you is what matters. Choosing rugs, lights, pots, planters, and vases is personal.  

Ultimately, decorating ideas for the outdoors is whatever you decide it to be. Making sure that you start with your budget in mind will be a good beginning.

In this post, the ideas I spoke of are what you will want to begin the process. Once you have a grand plan for your outdoor space, you may get additional ideas from my future post that continues with decor ideas to include: wall decor and water features like fountains, ponds, or even swimming pools.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave your questions or comments below, and I will be sure to respond quickly.

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