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Mister Owners- Interviews

Install Patio Misting System - What Customers Said

I recently had the opportunity to interview two homeowners to understand more fully how they were enjoying their outdoor misting systems and why.  Here are their stories.

Type of System Installed – Homeowner 1- Nicki R. 

  • The first homeowner I interviewed had purchased a high-pressure misting system for their patio area. The local company did the installation of the product.  In total, the price was $3100.00
  • Their pump rated at 1000 psi, and expectations were that tiny water particles would come from the nozzles, producing a very delicate mist.  
  • They made their desires known that they did not want misting nozzles that got everything wet.  They wanted the best system that would cool off their patio. The company assured them that a high-pressure system with stainless nozzles for anti-corrosion and rust would be their best option.
  • They wanted extensive cooling effects when the days hit the 100-degree mark. They also desired a mist that would not produce too much moisture or cause their guests to get wet.  

Installation of The System – Homeowner 1- Nicki R.

  • The professionals installed both the systems in around 5 hours without any problems reported. 
  • Homeowner 1 hired the company to do the installation.  She was surprised at how easy the installation was.  She stated that almost anyone could have installed it without problems.
  • They hired the mist company installation team only because they were getting on in years and would not have wanted to get on top of a ladder to do the installation.  Plus, they had the money to have it done. 

The Result – Homeowner 1- Nicki R.

  • After using the misters for a year, Homeowner 1 mainly had good things to say about their satisfaction with how well the misters met their expectations.  They said that there were pros and cons to having them.  
  • The pros were that the nozzles did provide an excellent mist and did not get them or their guests wet.  They also were pleased with the service that the company provided.  After the season, the company would come out and drain the system, getting it ready for winter.  
  • Then in the spring, the company would come back, clean it out and get it working correctly for the summer weather.  They had confidence that the company did a good job.
  • The cons of the overall satisfaction of the misting system were not many.  However, the homeowners were not satisfied with how effectively they were supposed to cool their area.  
  • They had yet to reach more than a 15 degrees temperature drop once the outdoor temperature exceeded 100 degrees.  Water that was pooling on their patio tile concerned them.  The mist made this particular area quite slippery, and they worried about having a slipping accident. 

The Lessons Learned – Homeowner 1- Nicki R.

  • Except for when the temperature was scorching, Nicki and her husband were satisfied with their misters. They didn’t get the cooling effect promised to them by the misting company people. 
  • Nicki R. was also concerned about the amount of water accumulated on the floor and was not completely happy with that part of the situation.  She worried about falling.  
  • She thought the expense was too much and felt that the overall price point was too high.
  • On a scale of 1-10, she gave her satisfaction level a 7.   She seemed decently happy with the overall function of the mister system but would warn others about the price point and the few cons. 

 Type of System Installed – Homeowner 2- Judy B.

  • The homeowners wanted a high-pressure system in the second interview because of the promised more delicate mist. They researched and found a company online that sold the system they wanted.  They had their handyman install the misting system. The total price was $1800.00.  
  • Their pump rated at 1000 psi, and they mostly wanted an excellent mist that would cool off their patio.  The company assured them that all parts were top quality and that they could expect a lowered temperature of at least 15 degrees in their outdoor space.  
  • They hired a handyman who had experience installing outdoor misters and was pretty confident that they would get the desired effect.  

Installation of The System – Homeowner 2- Judy B.

  • Both homeowners stated that the installation went very well.  There were no problems, and they installed the system in around 5 hours.  
  • Homeowner 2 had hired a handyman to install their system.  They were also quite surprised to find how easy it was to install the misting system.  In their words: “There was nothing to it.”

The Result – Homeowner 2 – Judy B.

  • Within the first week, Judy knew that she was not satisfied with the functionality of the misting system.  Even after running the misters for a long time, their outdoor space did not cool down enough. They felt they couldn’t enjoy their patio when the temperature outside hit a high mark.  
  • She was in touch with the owner of the company, and he thought that, perhaps, the nozzles produced too fine of a mist, and he was amenable to sending out a slightly larger nozzle to see if that would take care of the problem. 
  •  They had the larger nozzles installed and found them to produce too much water as they became drenched when sitting on their patio.  Judy called the company owner again, and in her words, “it was crickets on the other end.”  
  • Suddenly, the owner of the company did not want to talk with her. He was working with her to solve the issue until that point.  
  • The homeowner filed a dispute with the credit card company. Then the company owner called her and told her that he knew what she was doing.  He insisted that it was a ploy to get her money back because she had used them all summer, and now she was trying to return them for a refund.  
  • Judy was so shocked that she couldn’t believe what she had just heard the man say.   She told him he was ridiculous.  The conversation didn’t go over well, and again, it became crickets on the other end.  At the time of this interview, the dispute was still open.  Judy did not have confidence that she would get her money back.  Time will tell, I guess.

The Lessons Learned – Homeowner 2 – Judy B.  

  • On the other hand, Judy is not happy at all with the functionality of the product.  She stated that she had wished that she had done her due diligence before the purchase.  Doing her search would have included checking out the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau before purchasing.  
  • The company had 11 complaints against them. Judy found that none had been answered and solved.  She was frustrated that she didn’t think to check with the BBB before making her final decision.  
  • Judy warns others to do this before settling on a decision.  Knowledge is power, and she feels the buyer must check all the boxes before purchasing. If only she had done that, she might not be in this situation.