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Life On The Patio – More For You To Know

So you found me, and I bet you thought my website was all about patio misting. On the one hand, you are right, but on the other hand, I believe you will find so much more. 

You will begin to see the changes over time, so please don’t mind the mess in construction mode. I promise to work quickly to make my website user-friendly. 

Thanks for checking it out! I am excited to show you more and provide information to you. Check out the additional categories of posts I will be adding.                           

Patio Furniture

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Not all furniture is the same. Having quality pieces that fit your budget is not always easy to find. Patio furniture is an investment in your outdoor space.  

Quality is about materials, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. The value measures the benefit it will provide you in currency terms. In other words, how much is the product worth to you?

It can take a lot of research to find quality and value. Let me do the work for you to get right down to the business of deciding what furniture you want!


Patio Heaters

propane or natural gas patio heater

Patios are not just for the summer. During the pandemic, more and more of us started using patios as a retreat and a place to be safe outdoors with neighbors and friends.  

The media started the”Year of the Patio” phrase in 2020-2021. We all began to make our patios more usable and a space we could relax in and be comfortable.  

Using the patio didn’t end with summer. Sales for patio heaters and fire pits rose dramatically, enabling us to stay outdoors longer than just summer.  

I will bring you the latest on patio heaters and will do my best to answer all of your questions. Adding a patio heater is a great idea that can make a huge difference in using your outdoor space.

Patio Meals and Recipes

salad and flatbread pizza sitting on the outdoor patio table ready to be eaten

One of the best things is to have family meals on the patio. Who doesn’t like to sit outdoors during mealtime?  

Having patio meals doesn’t mean that you have to install an outdoor kitchen. Preparing the meals can be done inside your kitchen. Bringing it to the patio can be done by serving family-style or setting up the food like a buffet, and each person takes their plate of food out to the patio.

I will include recipes, and only my tried, and authentic recipes will make the cut. I am thrilled to share these recipes with you!

Patio Activities 

2 young women in bathing suits playing giant jenga on the patio

What else do you like to do on your patio? Do you use your patio to play games? Do you have friends over to enjoy a fire in the pit?

Adults and kids alike enjoy participating in activities on the patio, where they can get fresh air, have more space, and invite friends to join them. Fortunately, there are many activities appropriate for the patio for people of all ages.  

Having a website to check for a new activity to participate in on your outdoor patio will focus on this category. I am very excited to include many activities that I have participated in and many more I would like to do in the future.  

You will want to follow this category for some great things to do for all ages. Ultimately, get yourself ready for some fun!

 Events on the Patio

a sign hanging on the patio that says, 'congratulations' with a green sun umbrella in the background

Events celebrated outdoors are often the most memorable because being outside involves many senses. Experiencing the sounds, sights, tastes of the food, touching textures, and smells of the outdoors influences memory retention.  

Remembering life events is so important, and having outdoor events enhances the quality of our lives in so many ways. One way is our mental health is influenced for the better by the outdoors and nature.  

The experience of celebrating events outside has been a bucket list thing for me. There is no limitation on what you can celebrate on the patio—graduation parties, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and any holidays. I can finally do this after moving to a more agreeable climate from my days of living in -25 degrees and wind chills to curl the toes.

I am so grateful for your comments! Thank you for checking out the additional topics I will be adding to my website. I enjoy sharing my insights with you, and I hope you enjoy them and find them beneficial.  

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Marla from Outdoor Patio Misters

Marla is a wife, a mom, a former special education teacher, and a huge fan of all things to do with patio life.  Marla’s dream is to take her whole family on a fabulous vacation because family is always the most important part of her life.  

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