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Misters For The Patio - Binge-worthy Guide To The Latest

dust storm called a haboob. This one is in Arizona.
“Haboob” is another name for a dust storm.

Misters 101

Today I will provide you with the assets of having misters for the patio and the advantages of getting them installed (either self-installed or hiring someone to install).
Additionally, when researching some leading brands of kits, pointing you in the direction of those that rate higher than others by brand name gives you clear guidance.
Starting to associate brands with what you are looking for will help you choose the right system.
1. The apparent benefit of releasing a plentiful supply of water droplets that evaporate into the air in your outdoor space is how it cools the air quickly. Besides cooling, the outdoor area also benefits from the increasing humidity level.
When using a humidifier in certain situations, it’s possible to have similar results as delivering cooling mist to your patio space. Even though the humidity levels will rise rapidly, the mist will feel fresh as it evaporates on your skin. Ahhh, while relaxing during the hot summer months, it is precisely that cooling effect that you want to feel.
2. In hot and arid climates (like the one I live in Arizona!), cooling the outdoor area can be pretty dusty. It may also have low moisture in the space, causing stuffy nose and nose bleeds for the residents outdoors or during windy days.
Dry air with low humidity extracts water from a person’s body and mucous membranes. When the person breathes in sparsely humidified air, it can cause stuffiness and dryness in their sinuses.  
When humidity enhances the cooling mist to the area where people sit and relax, it can be a real game-changer for enjoying the outdoors and patio space.
Refreshing your outdoor space is the benefit received for anyone who decides to invest in maximum enjoyment!

More Misters 101

3. Cool misting your patio is a cost-effective way to “chill out” your space. The cost is considerably less than running the air conditioning unit! When not using an air conditioning unit, significantly less electricity will be used. 
Misters enable our outdoor spaces to feel comfortably cool; comparatively, satisfying misting systems are energy efficient. Cooling off our outdoor spaces allows us to participate in our favorite summer activities in the cooled-off area. Hence, playing board games, cards, reading, having a “date” night are my go-to summer activities.
4. Misting systems don’t take an advanced college degree to learn how to operate. With the hose attached to your home, almost anyone can learn how to manage the misting system. There aren’t complicated procedures for turning it on and off. Outdoor misters are pretty straightforward to use and operate, which makes them a simple but essential benefit of misting systems, in my opinion.
5. Patio misting kits are readily available from various local outlets (Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and other stores where you can buy HVAC supplies) in-store or online. Additionally, the online market of misters, fans, misting kits of all types and quality are available and plentiful on the internet. An incredible amount of business is dedicated to cooling people off in the hot weather worldwide!

8 Brands of Misting Kits For Do-It-Yourself Folks

1. Homenote Misting Cooling System
2. Lekit Outdoor Misting Fan Kits for Cooling
3. Homga Misting Systems
4. Lifeegrn Misting Cooling System
5. Homasky Store Outdoor Misting System
6. Amagoing Misting Cooling Systems
7. Cairondin Outdoor Misting Cooling System
8. Pocket Panda Store

Misters for Outside Patio

patio misters and fans

More details

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Some brands of misting kits come assembled and ready for installation. Others are not pre-assembled. Assembled kits allow you to customize according to the actual size of the area you will be misting.
 Installing misting kits can include patios, porches, gazebos, under your patio umbrella, a canopy, pergola or Ramada, outdoor cabana, or wooden arbor, to name some possibilities.
 It’s your outdoor space, and you have carte blanche to design it to your liking freely and to make it your own. An essential piece of information to check is the range of the spray that the misters put out. Some spray ranges are 20-30 inches.
 The proper placement when choosing where to attach them so that they are not too close to your guests, electronics, and other things that you may not want damp becomes a vital point.
If you remember a medium or high-pressure pump with higher psi ratings, then the pressure you get from your standard hose makes a big difference. Especially in terms of the size of the droplets of water that are “misted.” The higher the psi, the more delicate the mist.
Low-pressure systems tend to dampen the area more than mid or high-pressure systems. So that you aren’t surprised or disappointed, do your homework to know what to expect from the system you choose to purchase.

Summarizing What This Means To You, The Consumer 

In summarizing these facts, there are two main points to this article to focus your attention on. The first point is the five benefits of having a misting system in your outdoor area, maximizing your enjoyment throughout the hot summer months.
Reading the guide may surprise you; however, you may learn something new to benefit your family.
Secondly, introduce you, the consumer, to the various brands of misting kits for your information.
The brands I listed are notable in their division related to ease of installation for the do-it-yourself folks and provide value and quality in this range. Moreover, you will find most of these, if not all, are low-pressure misting kits which will run a bit less expensive for the very fact that a pressure pump is not necessary as part of the installation.
In short, without using a pump, it makes the price point a tad lower.
Meanwhile,  please stay fresh and hydrated.   By all means, please add your comments or your questions below.
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