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Misters For The Patio-Powerful Global Warming Hack To Love

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An Introduction To Hacks For Global Warming

Outdoor misters for the patio can answer many who live in scorching climates.

Are you ready to hear about the best global warming hack that is essentially available to you for the amount of money that is right for your budget?

What if I told you that you could be using your outdoor patio even during the hottest days of summer?

If this sounds intriguing to you, please continue to read.

I would like to know how many outdoor spaces sat empty this summer without having outdoor misters for the patio. Was summer not hot enough for you?

Did summer get away from you? Is your outdoor space lonely for some visitors?

If this is the case, I cordially invite you to make a summer purchase that will make you feel ecstatic. I am talking about owning your very own patio misting piece of heaven!

Some options

Clearly to me, the very definition of outdoor patio space conjures up a heavenly time of year, where the family and maybe some friends or neighbors join you for some relaxation time. Besides, it is a summer tradition to have backyard barbecues, outdoor birthday parties, family gatherings of all sorts.

But what happens when the weather gets too hot? Do you end up in the house without the party?

Has your home become your only place to hang out in the summer? Do you want more joyful memories of summer with friends, family, and neighbors?

If this is the case, there is still plenty of time to do your research about getting outdoor misters for the patio.

This summer, getting misters installed could still be a well-hatched plan; it’s not too late.

Ahead, keep reading, and you will find the benefits of having outdoor misters installed around your patio.

Benefits Of Outdoor Misters For the Patio

Ultimately there are 100’s of benefits of having outdoor misters installed in your patio space. But, let’s get down to the brass tacks, meaning, let’s discuss or consider the essential facts and work out a schedule for the project.

First, let’s talk about what benefits you will gain:

  • enjoy your patio for more extended periods without getting hot
  • invite friends and neighbors over for a cool time with refreshments
  • let the kids can play outside and get cooled off on the patio
  • you can have a barbecue and eat in a cool, refreshing area
  • the temperature can quickly decrease between 20-30 degrees!
  • enjoy a fabulous time having a movie night
  • more room to lounge around and enjoy the great outdoors without the killer heat
  • staying outside in 100+ degrees and feeling no ill-effects or heat-related illnesses
  • discovering a global warming hack to love and share with family and friends

Decisions, Decisions

Now you wonder what you need to know about and decide on. It’s simple if you think about it.

Your main decisions are:

  • professional or do-it-yourself installation?
  • Mid or high-pressure pump or no pump?
  • Buy a kit, assembled or unassembled?
  • Plastic, steel, or brass nozzles?
  • Patio or porch?
  • Portable or fixed?
  • Mist line system or cooling fans?
  • top-of-the-range, middle-of-the-road, or starting price

Once you know what each means, hopefully, it will be crystal clear which is your best option.

Understandably, if it is not an easy choice, I would read more details to get me up to speed.

What it will take to make this dream a reality

  • Do you have the skills for this DIY project, or will you be hiring a professional? Professional installation costs between $190 to $675. Nonetheless, these estimates will depend highly on the project’s scope.
How much will you budget for this project? It depends on whether you want a low, mid, or high-pressure system.

From low-pressure to high-pressure

  • For quick evaporation, fine water droplets cannot be achieved by low water pressure. A low-pressure system requires no pump and is the most economical because you use the water pressure that comes out of the fixture on the house, not requiring a booster pump. Essentially, instead of a mist, it is more like spray, but you can still decrease the temperature by at least 20 degrees. The spray could be an excellent option for some patios, gazebos, etc.
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  • A mid-pressure pump is your middle-of-the-road option and can be the right option for many people because of its mid-range price point. A mid-pressure system requires a pump with a PSI of at least 160-250 and smaller nozzles. A mid-pressure pump can cost from $200 to $1000 and up.
  •  A high-pressure system is your most expensive and some say the best quality misting you can buy. If you are looking to install yourself, there are plenty of resources online. Of course, you can always get quotes from misting companies and go with your best option. Be prepared to spend upwards of $1800- $3500. In addition, it is imperative to know how many nozzles (depending on their specific sizes) your 1000PSI pump can handle. Operating your pump using the guide of minimum to maximum nozzles at specific measures yields the best result. 

Other factors to consider

  • Will you need a fixed misting line or prefer the portability of moving your misters from one area to another? It is essential to know if you want to buy a pre-assembled kit or just the parts to assemble yourself. If you believe in a kit, be on the lookout for quality parts. Quality parts include either stainless steel or brass nozzles that won’t rust or corrode. Also, copper tubing and high-quality brass fittings are essential.
  • Where you decide to install a misting system is essential to know. To clarify, will you hang it in a spot around the patio, porch, or gazebo, to name a few places?
  • Lastly, you will need to consider if you want a mist line or a cooling fan. Likewise, if you go with the idea of a cooling fan, there are a number that could be effective. A standing tower misting fan hung from the ceiling or a freestanding style that holds its water are viable options.

End Results – “Ta Daaaaa, welcome to my outdoor haven.”

In this case, “ta-daaaaa” means fanfare and calling attention to the fact that you are presenting a dramatic announcement or an impressive entrance of something extraordinary. You are making a highly anticipated presentation that consequently makes everyone happy!

Equally important, you can feel some pride and joyfulness that installing misters will unite the people in your life. Additionally, the quality time you can spend playing games, watching movies, putting up a gaming system for the kids, or even having a date night are all excellent reasons for wanting a misting system.

These options are just the beginning of the myriad of options you have before enjoying your patio space in the summer.

To Sum It All Up

To sum up, expressing how relaxing it is with misters for the patio may be hard to put into words. The pleasure you can get from the refreshing mist that flash evaporates on your skin, cooling you down immediately, can be addictive.

Having misters is the new global warming hack for everyone! Having your friends and neighbors make for better moods and attitudes during the pandemic. Equally important is that sitting outside when it is scorching hot doesn’t have to be off-limits anymore.

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  1. I’m worried patio misters aren’t sustainable for the environment. What would you say to a skeptical millennial about investing in a patio mister system & it’s impact on the environment?

    1. Hi Katie,
      Thanks for sharing your comments. I am not exactly sure what you mean by patio misters being sustainable. I think you might mean, do they last, do they take up much energy, do they waste a lot of water? And the answers to these questions are that they are, indeed, sustainable. The parts in most kits are made from quality materials such as stainless steel and brass. The misting is very cost-effective compared to air-conditioning and the water it uses is equivalent to around 1 gallon per hour of use. I have had feedback from many people that they love their outdoor mist system, whether it is a fan or a misting line. I hope I have answered your question!
      Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear if you end up making a decision to purchase one.
      Take care,

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