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Misting Fans For Outdoor Patios -Simple & Fantastic Choices

Misting Fans For Outdoor Patios -Simple & Fantastic Choices

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barrel type misting fan for large gatherings

Imagine yourself lying on a chaise lounge on your patio. The weather is sweltering. It’s so perfect until you can’t handle the heat anymore. Is it time to talk about misting fans for outdoor patios?

Of course, you want to go back into the house.

It doesn’t have to be like that. I will tell you all about using a misting fan on your patio! If you want to find out how to make your patio a paradise even though it is a sweltering hot day, stay tuned.

It will change your life forever!

What Is A Misting Fan?

Consumers use misting fans everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Typically, misting fans cool down areas that include many people indoors and out.

However, misting fans are used on patios, both big and small, residentially and commercially. Think large gatherings, like amusement parks and concert venues. Places like these are where you will find them.  

Misting fans require a water source just like air coolers do. As the fan operates, it releases water through small spaces. 

oscillating barrel fan

There are several different types of misting fans. Some varieties include oscillating fans and fans that remain fixed in one place. Consumers mount these fans on the wall, ceiling, or they can be freestanding.  

Some fans operate without a hose. These fans are more versatile because consumers can use them in places without a spigot. This type will have a tank or barrel to store water as your water source.

When using these types of misting fans, you will need electricity for operating them and a place to fill the tank or barrel.

What Is A Misting Kit, And How Do They Work?

Misting kits include mid-pressure pump units, stainless-steel nozzles, clamps, fittings, a calcium inhibitor filter, tubing, a feed line with an adapter for your hose, and an outdoor rated fan that is high-velocity.  

High-velocity means that it offers the rapid movement of air at a highly rated level of performance. 

Misting kits rated for outdoors attach to the fans. Fans that are powder coated do well against rusting even though they are exposed to water and moisture while in use. 

Stainless steel nozzles are also essential for high-quality misting without corroding or rusting. The highest quality parts used for misting are worth the extra money in the long run if you don’t have to repeatedly replace rusted and corroded nozzles that leak, get clogged, and otherwise work poorly.  

Why Would People Want a Misting Fan?

  • Misting fans are portable and easier to move to places where they are needed
  • Misting fans offer the user ease of use as they are filled with water, plugged in, and enjoyed quickly.  
  • Depending upon the space you want to cool, there are sizes and different types that can work for you. Additionally, these fans can be fixed or mounted to walls and ceilings or freestanding.  

What Are The Advantages of a Misting Fan?

thumbs down and thumbs up

Essentially, there are several advantages to having and using a misting fan on your patio. If you choose to use one, they are effortless to use.  

Of course, depending upon the type you purchase, you may have 

  1. to fill the tank with water,  
  2. face your misting fan where you want it to mist, 
  3. plug it in and turn it on.  

Voila! You can begin to enjoy life on the patio even though it is scorching hot! In just mere minutes, you can feel the cool mist across your body.

Another advantage of using a misting fan is that you don’t have to attach a misting system to your patio overhang.

Mist line systems are fantastic, but the upkeep needs to happen to maintain their function. The maintenance isn’t demanding, but it is more involved than

1. filling a tank with water, 

2. plug it in, 

3. and turning the switch on. 

Finally, the amount of water they use is typically one gallon per hour. Many tanks are two gallons or more. It is very cost-effective to operate one when you want a fabulously cool patio.   

How Much Do Misting Fans Cost?

person handing over money in dollar bills

Misting fans range in cost depending on if you buy a more significant misting fan if you purchase one with a pressure pump, or you decide to buy a misting kit. Prices for misting kits that attach to fans start at around $20.  

A pedestal fan starts at around $150. A pedestal misting fan with a barrel tank can cost about $500 and go up in price to $5000 for a Power Breezer Air Circulator for commercial use.  

Consumers can purchase a portable outdoor cooling misting at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other large home improvement stores for a mere $150 or so. One favorite that I have reviewed is the XPOWER, 3 – speed portable outdoor cooling fan. It is a steal of a buy at Amazon for $135 and free returns!

A misting fan with a mid-pressure pump average cost is around $600.  

Further, you can also buy a portable handheld misting fan for under $20 for most kinds. I could get into the idea of having one handy that could tag along with me while I visit friends during the summer months. 

If Not A Misting Fan, Then What?

Essentially, misting fans may not be for everyone. Some people don’t want to get them out; fill them with water, and place them where you desire them.  

Some people would rather have a misting line system that you turn on and off with a switch and use a water spigot on the house that connects the hose to the misting line.  

Whatever your circumstances, misting fans are a valid option. You will need to decide what features you want and need before making a purchase. 

The End of the Line

Ultimately, when it is so hot outside, you may want to increase the ability to use your patio by purchasing a misting fan to cool off your outdoor space.  

As you read above, there are many pros and cons to purchasing a misting fan or a mist line system. Depending, of course, on your needs, one will likely out rule the other.  

Clearly, there are no right or wrong answers. In summary, factors you want to consider are cost, portability, ease of use, what space or spaces you want to cool down, and aesthetics.  

Furthermore, if it were me, I would list out my goals for wanting a misting fan or a mist line system and see which fits best for my purpose. If you want to talk about what method will work best for you, please leave your comments, questions, or suggestions for others below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

As always,

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  1. Do you need to connect it to a wall socket before using it? If not then it would be really cool to have this type of fan around the house. I will be sure to share this review with friends and family. I am sure that they will find this product really interesting.

    1. Thanks, Aubin,

      Yes, you do need an electrical socket.  

      I appreciate your comments.  I am glad you found the helpful information, and thank you for sending my review to your friends and family.  Helping people to have a better life by utilizing the products that simplify and make it more enjoyable is precisely why I have this website.  Thanks for checking in, and best wishes for a fantastic new year!


  2. Hi Marla,

    We recently come back from our summer holiday (we live in New Zealand) and camping out beside the lake is great, but during the evenings it was so hot, but a family member had something similar, we had to fill it with water, but we used ice as well … it was amazing! It’s a good thing we had a generator to power it. I highly recommend it. Thanks for sharing this information

    1. Hi Gaylene,
      I am ecstatic to hear that people everywhere are using these products to cool themselves when it is too hot. With global warming, it is so important for us to find ways to combat the heat. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with a cooling mist device.

      Take care,

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