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Outdoor Living Decorating Ideas-Make Your Holiday Beautiful!

ladder decorated like a Christmas tree with lights, packages, and decorations


Hello everyone!  It is an exciting time of the year, and there are so many fantastic ideas to make the holidays extra special.  When it comes to outdoor living decorating ideas, there are no limitations!

Using your outdoor living area is an excellent idea to decorate and make extra room and holiday joy! Because I have never lived anywhere where decorating for the holidays outside is a good idea, this year in particular!

Living in a warm part of the country gets me excited about the holidays.  I am planning to make our outdoor living area brighter and more festive.  Will you join me in fun?

Simple Ideas To Brighten The Vibe

There are many ways to decorate for the holidays.  Some ideas cost more than others, but cost should not be your first concern.

You can decorate inexpensively, and I am not talking about “cheap” or “tacky” decorations for the holidays. I am talking about making it out-of-the-ordinary by carefully selecting materials and decorations that will provide you with years and years of good memories when you reminisce about them.

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s do this!



blue lighting on a house at Christmas time
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We need holiday lighting to set a mood.  This season’s most popular colors are warm and muted, but for those of you who love bright colors, I’ve got you covered for both!

Lighting is so personal, but I know that the proper lighting helps people relax, and it sets a vibe for your space.  Blue lighting is best for accelerating relaxation as people relate to blue with crystalline seas and clear sunny skies.

Blue lighting will make you feel calmer.  Researchers found that blue lighting speeds up the relaxation response much more quickly than white light.  According to, science states that blue has measurable effects on the body.

However, other colors also have special effects.  It is vital to choose a shade of lighting that suits you.  It is all about the holidays and happiness! Relaxing and hanging out in your outdoor space with the lights defining the mood is something to look forward to this holiday. So light it up!


Don’t forget to add heat as necessary.  Electric, propane, or infrared heaters work great for heating your area.  Celebrating outside at the fire pit or fireplace are both great options.

Don’t let the cooler temps dissuade you from enjoying your outdoor living spaces.  Enjoying the outdoors with added heat will make all of your guests happy and content.


Scented and holiday candles also help to set a mood.  The scent of balsam fir, gingerbread, mulled cider, eggnog, sugar cookies, hot chocolate and peppermint, cinnamon, and holly berry are some of my favorite holidays’ scents.

Hannukah started and ends early this year, but if you celebrate and want a cool menorah, here is a favorite that you may be able to get before the end of the Hanukkah season.

Some of you may not prefer artificially lighted candles but would rather have flameless candles that are safer around the younger set.  Kids and fire don’t always match well, unfortunately.
Plants Or Greenery

Greenery and plants are great additions to any holiday decorating.  Greenery has so many traditions handed down from the Romans and Christians worldwide. The folk-lore includes mistletoe for kissing, evergreen trees that represent the symbol of life as they always stay green.

Today, greenery is strikingly important to our holiday decor.  Holly and ivy have long been cherished for their symbols of masculinity and womanhood in that order.

The meaning of holly represented man and masculinity, while holly was “decorative, but clingy and dependent often unable to stand up on its own.  Woah, sexist!  That was then, I guess.

A Serve Yourself Bar

pomegranate martini with lime and pomegranate seeds

Making it convenient for your guests to serve themselves beverages will free you to do other things besides bartending.  The idea is to keep the selection and the barware simple and easy but exciting and refreshing.

It is also best to have common garnishes like lemon, lime, orange slices, olives, pomegranate seeds, cranberries, and rosemary sprigs for tart drinks.

My favorite cocktail is a pomegranate martini with the recipe here.  This drink is refreshing, not sweet, and looks so incredibly festive and beautiful with its Christmas red color, along with pomegranate seeds that are a holiday treat.

Need martini glasses? I didn’t have any, but I do now! Knowing that pomegranates are limited to a reasonably small season, I like to include them in all my holiday festivities from October thru December.

Out of The Ordinary Decorations 

When it’s time to put out decorations for the holidays in your outdoor living space, it’s okay to use some out-of-the-ordinary decorations that you usually wouldn’t use.  Being outside gives us some latitude to do something a little out of our comfort zone.

I want my guests to notice that I put in the effort to make the decorations a bit different.  There are easy ways to decorate without spending a lot.

One way to have a “Christmas tree” outside is to decorate a six-foot or taller ladder with lights and hang some light decorations from the string of lights.  Adding a “tree” topper is easy.

Purchase a gold or silver helium star balloon and attach it to the top of the ladder, um tree, I mean.  It can look similar to the image at the top of this blog.

Another idea is to put out massive Christmas decorations that light up similar to those sold on Amazon.  If you have some wall space, a mural will look stellar.

These are just a few ideas to add a little color and fun to your outdoor living space.

Music To Set The Mood

Lastly, you can’t have a gathering without some good music.  Whether you play Holiday tunes or not is your choice.

My husband is in charge of the music, so there is no Holiday music playing, that’s for sure. He is more a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Record Company, Bruno Mars, Journey, Bon Jovi, Prince, and the Black Eyed Peas as some good examples.

What music would you play at your celebration?

On A Final Note

Frankly, using your outdoor space as a holiday party option is such a great idea.  If you do it right, including music, lighting, decorations, beverages, heating, and candles, your celebration can be complete.

The ideas I shared are just a start, and I encourage you to make-it-your-own celebration by including what will make it extra special for you, your family, and all of your guests.

I wish you the best this holiday season.  Please leave your comments about your ideas, holiday plans, and anything else you would like to share in the comments below.

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