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How To Keep Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Looking Fantastic

Getting new outdoor patio furniture is fun, and keeping your furniture looking good year after year is possible!  The brightly colored furniture we love can stay bright with these simple tips. 

Everyone who enjoys their outdoor patio wants furniture that looks and feels clean to sit on—having stained, dirty seating and looking like it has seen better days is not people’s choice when outdoors relaxing. 

Stains and dirt can occur in furniture as it resides outdoor in the elements.  Birds that poop mid-flight often hit the patio furniture like it has a bullseye on it.  Trees drop sticky, sappy stuff onto everything below, making it seem like gorilla glue accidentally spilled on the seats and pillows. 

Dust storms that are famously called haboobs in Arizona cause dust to drop upon anything left outdoors. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep furniture looking great.  

dust storm
Haboob – another name for a dust storm.

Simple Cleaning Tips

Because the fabric may consist of synthetic or natural fibers, the safest way to clean it is to use warm, soapy water and a soft brush if the material cannot be zippered off from the furniture cushions.

The soap chosen for this job should be gentle soap without it being too harsh for fabrics.  It would be undesirable to use a heavy-duty soap, and instead, a mild soap such as Gain, Tide, or Arm & Hammer is effective and should not take the color out of the fabric.

Laying the cushion or pillow on a clean surface and won’t contribute to adding more dirt and grime is essential.  Using a bucket filled with warm and soapy water is your first step.  

Dip the brush into the bucket and spread the soapy water over the cushion as you gently scrub with a brush. When you have gotten the fabric cleaned, take the hose and spray off the soap until it runs clear.  

Removable Covers On Pillows and Cushions 

When the covers on the furniture are removable, it may be best to machine wash them.  First, of course, read the washing instructions and what type of fabric it is before throwing it in the washing machine. Some cotton materials will need careful washing to avoid color bleeding and shrinking, as noted on the label.  

Many fabrics consist of a blend of polyester and other washable materials.  Some instructions will suggest hand-washing.  Almost all covers should be air-dried instead of using the dryer, which could shrink, fade, or be. Unsuitable for some types of fabric.  

I have always hung my covers outside to dry, out of the sun, of course.  Hanging to dry is an easy way to dry the fabric without risking ruining it in the dryer.  

Other Factors That Can Harm The Aesthetics and Durability of Your Patio Furniture

Sunny Weather Problems

outdoor patio chairs and furniture exposed to sun on the patio

The sun is not a friend to most patio furniture.  The sun will fade colored cushions, fabrics, and patio umbrellas, as well as outdoor statues, sculptures, painted areas and, will bleach out wood.  

A way to avoid fading is to use fabric spray with UV inhibitors that resist fading from the sun’s rays.  This product gets a high rating, and a bonus is that it also helps to repel stains and spills.  There is also a spray for non-porous surfaces like your statues and such.  Many people seem to really value 

Another way to get around this is to rotate your furniture, not always to have the same piece of furniture soaking up all the sun.  Give the fabric a break from the sun’s power to fade the colors. Your furniture will stay colorful and bright much longer.  

Winter Weather Problems

wintery weather on furniture

 Of course, depending on what part of the earth you live on will make a difference when leaving patio furniture out in the elements during winter.  Snow, sleet, ice, howling winds are all bad news for outdoor furniture.  Barring any snow in your region, the wind, dust, rain, and sun can also wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture if not properly cared for. 

Water that sits on your furniture will start to mold and mildew in some cases. This is especially true of furniture that doesn’t get much airflow or is in a dark corner.  I am careful to put my patio furniture under the overhang of our patio during the monsoon season so that the furniture can stay dry.  

Types Of Furniture

If you have wood, rattan (wicker), or unfinished metals as part of your patio furniture, it is clearly best to keep it as dry as you can.  Metal (except powder-coated or those pieces finished with another product) tends to tarnish or patina.  After a while, not only the look but also the durability is affected. 

Using outdoor furniture covers will do a great job of protecting your outdoor furniture during the winter months.  If you don’t want to spend the money on individual covers, feel free to group the furniture together and use a tarp or two to cover everything. Tying it off through the grommets provided adds to its security.

As A Final Observation

Everything considered, your outdoor patio furniture is an important part of enjoying your outdoor space.  Keeping the furniture clean and protected from the elements just takes a few extra steps that are certainly worthwhile.  

After the winter months when you want to begin to use your outdoor patio furniture again, it will be very inviting and exciting to remove the cover to see how fresh and nice everything looks.  

I don’t know about you, but I really love spending time on my patio.  I would probably not be as excited if my furniture was ruined by the weather or had lots of stains and spills on the various pieces. 

Seeing your furniture after the months they are dormant, as well as getting your patio ready for some major hanging out is one of the best things about warmer and dryer weather.   

Before I Say Goodbye

I hope this information is helpful to you as you prepare for either the winter months or the summer months.  Both seasons have their various quirks for affecting outdoor patio furniture.  

I hope you are well and enjoying whatever season you are in now.  Please leave any comments below and feel free to add any thoughts or suggestions you might have to keep your furniture looking pristine.

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