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Outdoor Patio Misting System - 5 Tips to Buying the Best

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Are you up for learning the top things to consider when you purchase your outdoor patio misting system? The following tips will provide you with the edge for choosing a top-notch misting system.

So sit down, relax, and let your mind take in the information that will change the way you recreate outside on your patio or backyard in the summertime.

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Tip 1

Do your research! Misting systems and misting fans are all the rage. Not only can you see them both at bars and restaurants, but also in backyards. A backyard patio misting system is growing in popularity.

  • With summer days getting hotter, whether you believe in global warming or not, it will become sweltering. How we begin to deal with this heat is yet to be seen, but I would bet my life (okay, maybe not my life, but perhaps a candy bar?) that more and more residents will begin to see the benefits of backyard misters and fans.
  • According to Wikipedia, misting systems and fans are cheaper to operate than air conditioners. They are also less money to install and maintain than air conditioners. If you are dealing with extreme humidity, these systems don’t cool as much as in arid climates, but they have advantages even then.
  • A wall of cooled air will permeate the outdoor space you want to cool off, but in humid climates, the overall temperature doesn’t go down as much as when used in arid climates. The higher the humidity, the less refreshed it will be in your outdoor space. Humidity may be a factor for some of you to research to find out more.


Tip 2

Decide what your budget is before you start to look at choices. The type of misting system you decide to purchase will play a big part in how expensive and effective they are.

  • For example, a low-pressure misting system is the cheapest, coming in under $100. Low-pressure systems may not suit all areas due to how close the misters will be to people, furniture, etc.
  • It is essential to consider the size of the water droplets on a low-pressure system as it may end up soaking people and furnishings if you install in a smaller area that doesn’t get much of a breeze. Misters placed too close may be a deal-breaker.
  • Mid-pressure systems tend to cost more between $200-$1000. Because a mid-pressure system uses a booster pump, the cost may be higher than other products.
  • Other additional features are stainless steel parts like the tubing and misting nozzles. Usually, a filtration system (filter and hoses) is needed, plus all other necessary hardware required to install a mid-pressure system.
  • A high-pressure system is the most expensive product, selling between $1500 – $3500. Of course, the cost includes a high-pressure pump module of around 1000 psi. It also has everything the mid-pressure system uses, and the parts and hardware are all top of the line.
  • The nozzles produce a light fog. The nozzle sizes are .006 for humid areas and .008 for desert areas.


Tip 3

Ask questions of people in the business or people who installed their system themselves. See more info here.

  • In my community here in Arizona, many people have patio misting systems. Because of our desert climate and our scorching hot summer days, it is imperative to utilize our outdoor spaces to find out how to get a misting system that is the best for us.
  • Call local businesses that sell systems for asking questions that need answers. If you need more information on water psi, pumps, quality parts, etc., by all means, call the businesses that are local or even out of the area.
  • I’m guessing they will be happy to educate you about the characteristics of all types of misting systems. They will share their product, but at this point, it doesn’t matter if the reason for calling is for general knowledge.


Tip 4

Diagram the outdoor space to exact measurements of where you would place the misting line and the distance from the start of the misting line to the pump and the water source.
  • When deciding where to place the misters, consider the shape of your outdoor area. Is your outdoor area square, rectangular, round, or other forms? It may be necessary to draw your furniture on your diagram to give you the exact distance you want from the misting nozzles.
  • Measure how far away the misting nozzles are concerning chairs, tables, and outdoor furniture. Consider what type of floor your patio or outdoor area has to keep in mind that some walking surfaces become dangerous when wet!
  • Wind direction is vital for knowing where to place and at what angle to place the misting nozzles so that the wind does its magic and keeps the misters flowing away from the inner area of your patio. Doing this will be a big help in the effectiveness of the misting system.


Tip 5

Decide if you want to install systems elsewhere besides the patio perimeter. Don’t limit your decision-making for installing misters to just your patio.

  • Many areas are appropriate for misting, including pool areas, outdoor animal areas (horses, chickens, dogs), outdoor barbecue kitchen areas, and under sun umbrellas, gazebos, pergolas, ramadas, etc.
  • Does putting in a misting system in any of the regions make sense for your property? It may make better sense to add misting fans or install a ceiling misting fan. Consider including these points when asking questions of the professionals and the DIYers.
  • Who better tell you the facts than the people who know the most about misting system placement. Installing misters is known to increase the value of your home, which is essential for resale purposes. 
  • Research about increasing home value by installing misters can be a factor depending on their demand in your country area. Arizona is a high-demand area. Comparatively, a more Northern state with high humidity may not have a high demand.

 In Summary

  • If you heed these tips for deciding if or when to install a misting system at your home or commercial business, it will improve your decision-making strategy. The main ideas include:
  • Research before you buy
  • Determine a budget that is reasonable for your needs,
  • Ask qualified people such as professional installers or diyer’s all of your questions,
  • Design your plan before buying, and lastly,
  • Take into consideration all of the areas on your property that you would like to have misters installed in the planning process.

Doing projects as afterthoughts can often turn out badly for you. Planning makes the best sense!

My best to you in your planning,


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