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Outdoor Patio Misting Systems-Tackling The Online Game Today

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Handing Out Some Guidance

Buying outdoor patio misting systems need not be complicated. Knowing your goals and how much money you plan to spend can make it an easier choice.
In this blog today, I will explain the different systems. Additionally, I will provide you with internet bestsellers to indicate online favorites.
You will be on your way to enjoying your outdoor space even more. You will be on your way to enjoying your outdoor space, and choosing the best will be simplified, and Let’s get started.

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems – Low-Pressure 

Having a low-pressure system has its advantages and disadvantages. A low-pressure system is simply the pressure of the water coming out of the fixture attached to the house.  


It’s effortless because there is not a pressure pump to use with it. It creates mist by the water going through the mist line. Some people love the simplicity of this type of system.  

Most homeowners who like to do small projects find installing one of the low-pressure misting systems a piece of cake. It is easy to install, and it is energy efficient at the same time.

There is also the fact that they are the least expensive to purchase. There are plenty of “How-to-install” videos and tutorials online. I was inspired by how easy they are to install after watching many videos.

All of the videos are informative, but some of the videos might be a little cheesy.

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Another good way to use low-pressure misting systems is for trampolines, chicken coops, dog runs (that would be one lucky dog), sun umbrellas, around the pool, and horse stalls, to name some options. 

Now, here are some disadvantages. The quality of the mist that comes out behind low pressure is unremarkable in the sense of the fog evaporating quickly.

Unfortunately, larger water particles tend to get things wet. Getting people wet may not be desirable to them.

The people probably wouldn’t mind; however, if you were planning to use this type of mister surrounding your hot tub, because they are already wet.

Another point is that low-pressure systems will only support a certain amount of mist nozzles. The reason for this is that depending on the PSI of your water, the pressure may not be enough to keep a system with over 25-30 mist nozzles. 

If you figure on spacing the nozzles every 2 ft or so, the length of the mist line would be 50 – 60 ft. 

Having water pressure under 50 PSI may not be enough to provide mist. Measuring the pressure of the water with a gauge is easy.  

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems -Mid-Pressure 

Installing a mid-pressure system is a middle of the pack plan as the pressure to make a pump boosts the mist. Using a mid-pressure system is more expensive because of needs a pump to create higher pressure.  


The droplets made are smaller than those made with a low-pressure system with no pump because the pump can boost the pressure to the misting nozzles from between 150-200 PSI. This means that there will be less water that doesn’t evaporate because the mist is more delicate.  

Mid-pressure misting systems cost more than low-pressure systems but less than high-pressure misting systems. People may be attracted to a more delicate mist but can’t swing the price of the high-pressure systems available.  

I have seen some kits around $200-$1000, but the costs vary depending on the psi of the pump. My research says it would pay to purchase stainless steel or brass nozzles and at least 250 PSI pumps.  


The disadvantage of a mid-pressure system isn’t a high-pressure system. Seriously, it is said by many in the field that to effectively flash evaporate the droplets that are misted from a mid-pressure system, and you would need a pump that produces at 600-700 psi. The cost goes up considerably to around $1500 just for the pump.  

When deciding which mid-pressure system to buy, you might want to consider at least a 200-250 PSI booster pump. The value of misting kits that I see at this range is that you aren’t spending the highest dollar amount for your system. However, if the budget is a fixed amount, plenty to choose from that carry high ratings.  

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems – High-Pressure 

High-pressure systems are considered top of the line. Remember; however, certain brands always rate higher than others. Doing your due diligence is a must to get the quality product you are paying top dollar. Always use your resources to check out the company and its business practices.


The advantages of a high-pressure system are that the buyer will get the most delicate mist available on the market. Sitting near the high-pressure mist, you will not feel wet as the mist droplets are so tiny that they flash evaporate without leaving any moisture.  

When you go to restaurants with outdoor seating and misters, you can bet it will be a high-pressure system. No restaurant owner would want to take a chance with a lower-level pressure pump. 

Getting your customers wet is not at all desirable. It would be equivalent to getting a tray of water-filled glasses dumped on you accidentally.  


Most disadvantages of purchasing a high-pressure system are elusive. The only barrier that is a concern is the cost. 

If you can afford the highest-rated system, you will not have to worry about the product’s longevity. The high-end parts used will be worth the cost. 

You can have many years on the patio during the hot months if you find the quality that is expected with a high-pressure 5 star rated product. But, not all of us can afford the most high-end products, and that is just the way the cookie crumbles.  

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems –Mist Stick or Mist Stand

These mist stands are perfect for kids to enjoy in the yard on a hot day. The frame is flexible, so you can easily position it where you want the mist to go. Another good way to use mist stands is to cool off the sunbather. As the sunbather soaks up the sun’s rays, they can also enjoy the reward of the cool mist. 

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems –Misting Fans

Misting fans have been around since the early ‘90s. They were first used at outdoor sporting events, specifically football, but have inserted their way to many outdoor sporting and entertainment venues. Some places they enjoy are amusement parks, outdoor festivals or concerts, and in the equine industry, refreshing animals and humans on the hottest days. 

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems -Portable Mist 

Portable mist systems are handy for many events. The sheer ease of moving them from place to place is a simple and efficient way to cool our surroundings.

People use these for outdoor graduation parties, for garages used as man caves, for porches, and anywhere you can imagine them helping keep an area cool. They are favorable for many uses.  

Outdoor Patio Misting Systems –Summary for your quick convenience

The purchasing of an outdoor patio misting system is straightforward if you are educated and ready to decide. There are many good products, and I have tried to capture some favorites for your convenience.  

Buying online is accessible with a click to indicate your intent to purchase. The products chosen for this blog post are favorites and bestsellers. Finding similar products to research can be done on the same site.  

The best way to summarize the information is:

Point 1

*Low-pressure systems work the best around areas where people don’t mind getting wet. Such as hot tubs, swimming pools, trampolines, maybe under sun umbrellas, and outside areas where the mist nozzles can be positioned in a way as to not wet people, furniture, and other things that you don’t want to get wet.

Low-pressure systems are your cheapest and simplest systems. They are easy for most people to install and don’t cost you an arm and a leg when buying.  

Point 2

Mid-pressure systems may work well for you, particularly if you purchase a minimum of 250 PSI pumps. Doing so may be enough to achieve a less wet mist than a low-pressure system.  

Mid-pressure systems are less expensive than high-pressure systems and are a good option for people limited by budget constraints. The expense of a decent mid-pressure system is around $600-$750. The cost of systems in this range can go up to $1500, so checking differences among all the products is essential.  

Point 3

High-pressure systems are your top-of-the-line product if you can afford to pay the price. Larger dealers sell most high-pressure systems. Their people usually do the installation.  

The options to purchase high-pressure systems online can be installed by a handyperson or yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Large systems are best installed by professionals as there are factors for spacing and positioning.  

Ultimately, you may be more satisfied with a professional doing the installation, so you have little to no worries about the project. Professional installation is my number one choice, but it just depends on your level of comfort.

Point 4

Misting sticks or stands are products to be considered and the other ones mentioned. Misting stands are especially great for kids running around and playing near them to stop and cool off. This product is also an excellent option for sunbathers to keep cool. During my sunbathing days, I would have loved this option!

Point 5

Misting fans are an excellent option for those with a limited budget but still want an area to be cooled off. Garages, patios, porches, decks, and for use with ramadas, pergolas, and gazebos are all great options.  

Point 6

Portable misting systems are advantageous because of their portability. It is so easy to use the mobile misting system in many areas. The best part is they are easy to hang, easy to hook up, and wonderful to enjoy anywhere you can attach a water source.  

There are many options for you at all price points and features, as you can see. You may decide easily, given that the information is laid out for you.

Some people I have spoken to have not done a great job researching before purchasing something. Consequently, they had issues with unmet expectations.  

Being open-minded and ready for information will be your top super-power in tackling the online game of purchasing a system for your wants and needs.  

Please, if you have any comments or concerns that may help others plan, let me know below. Also, I would love to hear any of your words about your journey in finding what will work best for you. Good luck to you.  

Thank you for stopping by and reading this long post. I hope you feel equipped with the best information to make your relaxing outdoor choice.  



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