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Hi, Marla here! Let me share with you what I have learned about cooling down our coveted outdoor living spaces. Consequently, we can enjoy them for longer when temperatures hit the three-digit mark.

Conversely, anywhere it gets so hot that you can’t enjoy your outdoor space,  installing a misting system may be feasible.

Today, according to scientists, global warming increases the chance of being “too hot for humans” to work and be out in.

Moreover, Scientists also warn of heat stress when the body cannot cool down properly. Heat stress continues to rise as our core temperature, and body organs begin to stop working.

Additionally, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) plans to install cool misting systems at bus stops. Problems need to be mitigated for people who have to be outside.  

We may want to start planning how to take care of ourselves outdoors in the years to come while the heatwave makes its way across the world.

Installing an outdoor patio misting system that fits your budget could be a solution. Therefore, a misting system may be closer to reality than you may think.


  • Mist line systems – This type of system cools the perimeter of your outdoor living space. Depending on a few variables, it can bring the temperature down 25-30 degrees. These factors include the pressure of the water and if there is wind involved.
  • Misting systems work the best in dryer climates, and where the winds are tamer. Mist line systems are easy to install and can be installed for a patio as small as 10 ft. all the way up to 1000 plus ft.  It just depends on the size of your outdoor space.
  • Basket fans (set on the ground or level places) are beneficial for deck and patio areas where an airflow solution is necessary.
  • Misting fans works best in a space that doesn’t quite fit with a place to hang a misting system.
  • There are many to choose from, and the best part about them is that they are portable and movable.
  • Misters can also decrease the temperature by 25 degrees or more.
  • Mounted between 7 – 10 ft. above the patio, misting fans replace ceiling fans in patios. Most anyone can install these, is what I am told.
  • If you have ever installed a regular ceiling fan, this is very similar in complexity.
  • The misting fans come with various mist nozzles from as few as 6 up to 20 or more.
  • This type of misting fan will cover an area of 75 ft. to 100 ft.  
  • In fact, these misting fans have the potential of dropping the temperature down at least 20+ degrees.  In the right conditions, misters make a real difference in your outdoor space.  


When purchasing a misting system or buying individual parts, it is not totally clear how hard it is.  Most everyone I surveyed agreed that it was worth it to them to do it themselves for a couple of reasons:

  1. Doing it yourself was less expensive than hiring someone to come and install it.  During this period, folks found out that it was pretty simple.
  2. Installation was super easy to get help as there are many do-it-yourself videos online that take you step by step through the whole setup process.
  3. And lastly, if you have a ladder and basic tools, you have about all you need besides the product itself.

My website will not walk you through the process of installation. Do-it-yourself videos are available online.

Tada! There you have it right before you! There are  100’s found when searching words similar to “patio mister systems, misting fans, misters, outdoor misters, etc.”


This is an excellent question and an important one at that. We all have to have a ballpark idea of what these things cost before we even dream of having them in our own backyard.

If you have ever been to an outdoor patio at a restaurant, you may have experienced sitting and enjoying the misters on a hot day.

These misters are probably high-pressure systems based on the droplets of water being tiny and evaporating quickly. One factor that changes the price point considerably is the pressure pumps that pump the water through the system to the nozzles.

There are different price points for low-pressure (no pump – just what pressure comes out of the hose), mid-pressure, and high-pressure pumps connected to these systems.

The higher the pressure pump, the higher the price point. Low-pressure mist systems operate on your standard water pressure, which is generally around 40 to 60 psi.

These are the lowest cost systems, and they run anywhere from $30 – $120+. Mid-pressure systems use a pressure pump that operates at around 300 psi.

These systems range in price from $200 – $1000. High-pressure systems use a pressure pump that operates up to around 1000psi.

These systems are the priciest at $1500 – $3500.

The cost will be one factor when choosing your best option, but it probably won’t be the only factor. Remembering various misting systems will help you factor in what system will work best for your outdoor space.

Also, your choice of doing it yourself or hiring someone will make a difference in the final price.


The good news is there are plenty of options available to you for cooling down your outdoor living space.

We all figured out that our outdoor spaces are critical during the pandemic, and we have treated them as such.

We have never loved the outdoors as much as we did (and do) during the pandemic when we can be with our friends and family for social events.

It was (is) what kept many of us going; to be outside and not worry as much about Covid.

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  1. This is really cool!  I never even heard of patio misting until now.  With the heatwave, I’ve experienced in my neck of the woods (Saskatchewan, Canada) this certainly would have come in handy!  This summer has proven to be a really hot one and, even as someone who is on the patio often, it’s been too hot to bear!  A misting system would have been awesome.  I’m really considering one now.

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