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 Prime Patio Sets – The Latest & Most Sustainable Materials

prime patio sets

Prime Patio Sets

Are you in the market for a patio set? This post will inform you of the latest and most sustainable materials used to make prime patio sets. Unfortunately, some consumers purchase cheap furniture or furniture of inferior quality. Without knowing what makes outdoor furniture long-lasting, they don’t get durable furniture that lasts. 

Finally, they are ecstatic when they get the new patio set home! Ultimately, a new patio set is a great addition, but not all patio sets are equal, tragically.  

Furniture designers use a variety of materials when designing furniture sets for patios. There are patio sets for dining, conversation areas, and other areas where families can relax.  

Homeowners configure patio sets in a multitude of ways. It is reasonable to add 1 -2 chairs (with ottomans) in the configuration. Some people use two outdoor sofas that face each other and a couple of chairs for a great relaxation/conversation area.

Sectional sets are especially great for more people, including families or friends. Some sectionals are especially great for movie watching, sitting around and visiting, and even spreading out and taking a nice nap.  

First Rate Materials 

1. Powder-coated Aluminum 

2. Cast Aluminum 

3. Wrought iron

4. Wood

5. Polywood, plastic, and synthetic resins 

6. Steel

7. Wicker

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Powder-coated Aluminum

The powder-coated aluminum used in the furniture is beautiful and long-lasting for up to 20 years. However, the finish can deteriorate more quickly if the furniture is left out in the sun or in wet weather.  

When powder-coating is applied to aluminum, stripping the aluminum oxide needs to occur for the powder coating to stick to the aluminum. The powder coating enhances the final look and acts as a protective finish.

The powder coating process prepares resistance to peeling, unlike paint which we all know peels after a long time. It also is rust-resistant.  

However, it has a few disadvantages to include: difficulty touching it up if the surface has been marred or scratched, breaks down when exposed to UV rays, costs are high, and also the color changes.  

I know this to be true because my black powder-coated aluminum table and chairs sit out in the sun, and the color is a lighter shade of black than when it was new. Of course, I hadn’t used UV spray until recently.  

Furthermore, powder-coated aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in outdoor patio furniture. This resource will give you the beginning, average, and high price points. The cost can vary accordingly.   

Cast Aluminum 

aluminum to be recyled

Pouring cast aluminum into a mold makes more substantial furniture, unlike regular aluminum, which is hollow. Cast aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel and is lightweight and rust-resistant. Lastly, cast aluminum is more expensive than aluminum.

Cast aluminum may not be as strong as cast iron; however, cast aluminum is solid and durable. You can depend upon it to last even with heavy use.

In addition, cast aluminum can last 15 – 20 or more years. The initial cost is high, but knowing you won’t have to replace it for 15 – 20 years may convince you to invest the initial cost.

Cast Aluminum surpasses powder-coated aluminum and will hold together without breaking for a long time, making it one of the best materials for outdoor furniture.  

Wrought Iron

green wrought iron bench

For a long time, wrought iron has been the primary material for patio furniture. Wrought iron furniture is quite heavy, suitable for stormy, windy weather, not so good for moving the furniture around frequently.  

Furniture made with wrought iron is stylish and known for its timeless beauty.  

One significant disadvantage to wrought iron is that it can rust, chip, and need maintenance if left out in inclement weather. Rainy and snowy weather is particularly hard on wrought iron.  

One advantage is that wrought iron is inexpensive compared to aluminum or wood. If purchased, one would want to cover it during the winter and rainy. If not covered or put inside a garage or shed, it will require the owner maintenance like repainting it or fixing the rusted spots.  

  One more disadvantage is that it can become scorching if the furniture is in the sun. The heat absorbed into the furniture can be a problem feeling comfortable sitting on in the sunlight.


two adirondack chairs sitting on a small peninsula facing a beautiful lake

The best wood to use for outdoor furniture includes teak, eucalyptus, and acacia. These types of wood are excellent because they have a tight wood grain. Another advantage is that oil is present inside the wood, which prevents it from rotting due to moisture.  

Buying wood furniture is an expensive undertaking. It certainly is an investment that will last you long if taken care of properly.

Speaking of taking care of it, people should cover wood furniture because of sun’s damages the sun and extreme weather events can have on it.  

People seal the wood with sealants that aid in protecting the wood for a more extended period. It is best to seal every couple of years.

Wood outdoor furniture is beautiful and has a classic elegance to it. If you decide to buy wood furniture, you should know that it is pretty expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Barring those concerns, it can make for a beautiful patio.

 Polywood, Plastic and Resin

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Another name for plastic furniture is Polywood. Polywood comes from recycled plastics headed for the landfill or the ocean. 

Additionally, manufacturers use resin and polyethylene to make strong plastic furniture, a popular choice for some consumers. 

Sometimes, plastic furniture can look cheap. Furthermore, gusty winds can quickly toss the furniture around because of how lightweight the furniture tends to be. These factors may deter some shoppers from purchasing plastic furniture, but it is very affordable.  

Ultimately, consumers love the price point, and sometimes cost can be the most deciding factor.  


example of steel styled for use in outdoor furniture

Steel furniture is by far the strongest of all types. Additionally, steel is quite heavy, but because of its strength, it can be made into more stylish and complex designs, making it an excellent choice for beautiful-looking furniture.

The downside of steel furniture is that steel can rust and corrode. Moreover, steel absorbs heat and can make it uncomfortable to sit on, even with cushions.  

The price point is desirable for many. It is not expensive, and it lasts a long time making it a popular choice for many families.  

Finally, steel is environmentally friendly as manufacturers have not cut down trees. It is also recyclable, which is desirable to many people concerned with too much trash in landfills.  


wicker sofa and coffee table

Lastly, let’s talk about wicker furniture. Synthetic wicker is quite durable and can withstand many types of weather. Synthetic wicker is best to use in outdoor furniture.  

All-weather wicker is synthetically made and sits upon an aluminum frame. Natural wicker is not weatherproof, and in fact, it will degrade quite quickly out in the elements.  

It is suitable for all because it is lightweight kid-friendly as people can wipe it down quite efficiently and effectively. Wicker also comes in a multitude of varying colors, making it fun to pick and choose what works best for your existing patio.

One downside is that you should bring it inside with snow and ice present during the winter. A reasonable price point is also an excellent reason to make this a top contender.  

At The End Of The Day

beautiful sunset at day's end

When buying prime patio sets, what it all comes down to is these factors:

a. Budget- how much money you have to spend and how much value you put on investing in long-lasting materials.

b. The Weather Conditions – If you live in extreme weather conditions, including rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc., avoid materials that corrode, rust, or degrade with moisture. Avoiding materials that rust will prevent you from buying furniture every 3-5 years. 

c.  Personal style desired – Some of us love the distinct and unique design styles and techniques, and others may only want the best teak wooden furniture that tends to be very expensive. It boils down to our taste and style.

In conclusion, all of the above materials are good for some conditions, some style preferences and may work with your budget. Taking these factors into consideration will lead you towards the best furniture for you and your family.  

I hope this blog post helps you make the best decision to choose your outdoor furniture. If you have any questions, aha-moments, or other comments that can help all of us make the best choice for our precious outdoor space, will love to hear in the section below.

Thanks for stopping by.

Marla from Outdoor Patio Misters

4 Responses

  1. Hi Marla and thank you for this beautiful article on the prime patio sets.

    I have always loved those made of synthetic wicker or anodized steel because in my opinion they have an incomparable aesthetic performance and are durable.

    But the problem of the seasons and climatic conditions arises: in your experience, for the optimal duration of your patio set, would you recommend particular types of furniture depending on the climate or simply follow your taste by taking the appropriate climatic precautions?

    1. Hello Miriam,
      I think it is important to consider where you live and how the effects the climate will have on your furniture before purchasing. If I had to pick just one kind that does well in many climates, it would be synthetic wicker over an aluminum cast frame. I have had this kind in a cold climate and now a very warm and sunny one and it wears beautifully. Thanks for your comments. Take care,

  2. Very interesting article! Indeed I’ve learned a lot about the outdoor patio set. I like patio furnitures – few years ago, I got myself an outdoor table an chairs. I do keep uncover all yearlong – I’ve not clue what material it is but probably powder coated aluminium. In general it still looks good but a bit rotten in some area I think due the constant exposure of bad weather.

    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. I am wondering what materials your table and chair materials are. If it were powder-coated aluminum, the frame would still be in good shape unless you are talking about patio cushions that are getting rotten. The weather has a significant bearing on how well your patio furniture lasts, but aluminum is excellent for weather extremes. I hope you enjoy your patio for many years to come.

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