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Residential Patio Misting Systems-Big Truth No One Tells You

People who sell residential patio misting systems have saturated the market with many choices. Some are excellent choices, and some just aren’t. It is plain and simple.

What You’ll Need

Worldwide, people are looking to have a wonderful patio life. They grow tired of looking out the window at their unused patio and wish it could be different. What are they looking for?  

They are looking for a simple fix for enjoying their patio when the temperature is too hot. But people stay cool indoors, instead. Why? Because we don’t know of a solution to make our patio useable in the severe heat.  

Since Covid has been around, our outdoor patio spaces are sacred. Outside areas are so important because they are one of the few places that we can have a friend or two over and enjoy each other’s company.  

Unfortunately, some of us can’t see beyond the problem of how to use this hot space. Truth! Today, I will guide you to a solution that isn’t going to break the bank.

Let’s Solve This Heat Problem

You are tired of being indoors; incidentally, I bet your friends are as well. Installing and enjoying a misting system might just be the best thing for you socially, but there is more to being outside. 

But let’s not forget, spending time outside decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression. Recent studies suggest that people who spend time outdoors have increased mood, self-worth, and self-esteem.   This includes backyards where one can relax and enjoy the greenery. Let’s face it, Covid has affected our mental health. 

This study shows that when people take advantage of being outside, it can significantly increase self-esteem and reduce feelings of sadness and other symptoms of anxiety and depression.  

Clearly, for many people who have been stuck inside, misting systems become a win/win situation.  One terrific solution to having empty outdoor spaces because of heat is to cool them off.  

People can cool off their outdoor patio space in an inexpensive way. One  great way to do this is by installing a residential outdoor misting system of your own or have one installed for you. 

How Will You Know What You Want?

If you are new to residential patio misting systems, how could you know the best choice without getting help? There are so many options that it can be mind boggling to a person new to the patio mister world.  

Therefore, let me help as I have months of research to assist you in this process.  

There are misting kits that are already assembled, and there are those same kits that come unassembled. If you measure and know exactly how many feet of mist line you need, it may be easiest to buy the assembled kits if you are a newbie.  

Assembled and Unassembled Kits

When looking for assembled kits, keep in mind that the parts in the kit should be top-notch. This means that buying nozzles that are stainless steel or brass are best. This is because they will not rust, and they tend to have a better fit, so you don’t have any surprising leaks. Here is a top-notch assembled kit.  It receives 5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon Choice!

Misting nozzle’s objective is to produce coolness by breaking down the water that is pressurized into mist particles, causing flash-evaporation. The intensity of the cold is dependent upon how tiny the water droplets are that the nozzles produce. This means that you will want to buy small nozzles measuring between .006-.016.

Essentially, you will want to avoid plastic nozzles as they can get clogged easily and result in your system not working correctly.  

If you are a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, you might want to buy separate parts to make up your misting system. Thus the quality of the parts is essential for a good outcome. First of all, the best nozzles are those that are rust-free, like stainless steel or brass nozzles. This is an example of quality nozzles in a kit. 

Other Options For Cooling Down

A misting fan is another option to cool down your patio space. Many on the market do a good job. I am interested in showing you only 5-star rating misting fans.  

What are some advantages of a misting fan? Misting fans keep people comfortable during scorching hot days. Additionally, they are cost-effective and keep people safe from heat-related illnesses in the summer. 

When summer temperatures are out of control, people can become easily dehydrated from the heat. Elderly people who become sick from the heat are at higher risk of falling and injuring themselves.  

All in all, misting fans are an excellent way to decrease the temperature in your outdoor space by at least 20 degrees. Of course, if you live in a highly humid place, you won’t get as much of a decrease in temperature but, you will still feel the benefits. 

Some misting fans kits include misting hoses attached to a structure with nozzles that connect to the face of your fan. These are perfect options if you are a poor college student, like my daughter always says. But really, anyone can benefit from one at a low price.

Top Misting Fans Reviewed

This particular model is a powerhouse! The Lasko 7050 has 3 fan speeds and louvers that automatically pivot up to 90 degrees, delivering a powerful cooling breeze wherever you need it. This fan is perfect for any area you are cooling. 

It has a small tank to reserve about 1 gallon of water. It is efficient in that one gallon will last around 1 hour. There are plenty of larger ones also.  

This misting fan has a larger tank measuring 2.9 gallons. The brand name is Geek Aire (a great name!), and it is battery-operated for your convenience. You can take it with you when camping when having activities at a park Pavillion, and many other places. I love the idea that you can bring it along, even for a visit to the relative’s hot porch.  

One Last Option

One last misting option to alert you to is the misting fan kit. Made by Pocket Panda, this misting kit comes with 12 misting nozzles and a 35-foot misting hose. This is an awesome misting fan kit to add to your existing floor fan that you use in the house or garage.  

This kit attaches right onto your existing fan. Ultimately saving you money from having to buy an additional fan. The cost is terrific, and it won’t put you back much to give it a try. I think it is a sweet deal.

In The Final Analysis

I love the idea of enjoying my patio when it is hot. Many people are not clued to the possibilities that lead to being comfortable and cool outside. My aim was to show you several options without spending your whole paycheck on something that will work.

I trust that when you are ready, you will find the misting system that is right for you. Since I have reviewed many and have shown lots of them in the many articles that have been posted, you will see some great choices. I genuinely feel that it is possible to get cooled off out in your patio, pool area, porch, backyard tent, etc., without having to invest a lot of money and time into this endeavor.  

In the comments below, I ask that you let me know what you decide to purchase and give me your review of its efficiency and overall benefit. Finally, I hope you have a fabulous time out in your outdoor area and stay cool!

As always,