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Outdoor Cooling Fans and Misters - What You Need to Know Now

patio or pergola with misters emitting a fine mist downward.

It may be time to consider purchasing outdoor cooling fans and misters.

When making a significant purchase or taking on a challenging project, the many variables and things to think about can be overwhelming. Sometimes I drive myself crazy with overthinking, but I must admit it does pay off to have some ideas of what you might encounter along the way. Knowledge is critical for your journey of cooling off your backyard space. 

I will answer the questions that have come up and will do my best to address them as comprehensively and clearly as possible.

Last weekend, my husband and I spent some time in Colorado visiting other family members. We planned to spend the day outside in a quaint area of their hometown, even though it was scorching hot.  

Serendipity came along upon seeing a great little “garage-like” restaurant with outdoor patio misters when choosing a place for lunch. I noticed them right away and persuaded our group to have lunch there. We enjoyed the fine droplets of spray misting over us as the sun was simultaneously beating down on us. 

My family members had not experienced misters before and were impressed at how comfortable it made having lunch outside feel.

 I noticed that the restaurant’s system was a mist line system, as we were sitting there.  It started at one side of the patio and wrapped around its perimeter to enclose or circle the entire deck. 

 I got to thinking about some maintenance issue, as I noticed that some mister nozzles were not working correctly. I did my research when we returned home to Arizona, and here’s what I learned about maintenance.  

Top Concerns Related to Maintenance of a Misting System

  • The nozzles will get clogged. Water from the tap has minerals in it that can clog the nozzles. Also, dirt and dust may get into the nozzles of the misting system. Soaking the nozzles with vinegar to help to dissolve the build-up of minerals can quickly be done.
  • Doing so prolongs the life of the system and prevents possible dripping and leaking problems. If you don’t want to deal with clogged nozzles, another idea is to purchase cleanable misting nozzles with a fog pin that allows you to easily clean them and return them to be back in order immediately.
  • Hard water will affect the quality of the mist in terms of whether it will leave a residue on the surfaces. Not all minerals can be removed from tap water, unfortunately. However, some solutions can mitigate the problem of leftover white residue on surfaces. The solution that works quite well is adding a calcium inhibitor filter to your system. The filter is easily attached to one side of the hose splitter when hooking up your water source. A calcium inhibitor filter may not be necessary if you have a water softener.
  • If any fittings or lines are leaking, they will need to be fixed or replaced right away to keep your misting system in the best working condition. Repairing is critical for the most profitable operation of your Misters.

And There Are More Concerns

  • If you are using a mid to high-pressure pump, it will be essential to keep it well maintained by changing the filters when needed and swapping out the oil if you happen to have an oil-based pump. You can always solicit help from your local plumber if maintenance of the pump is out of your wheelhouse, 
  • Proper placement of the mist heads has a lot to do with the long-term care and maintenance of the wood surfaces near the misters. Each nozzle’s head should be at least 1  to 3 feet apart from each other, and make sure the nozzles are pointing in a downward or outward fashion. Be careful of  mist spraying onto the wood of your home directly. The water, over time can cause problems with rotting and mildew. You don’t want mold and rotting to lead to more significant issues down the road. Let’s reiterate. Be careful to adjust the nozzles in a downward or outward fashion. You do not want to spray onto the wood of your house directly.
  • In shaded areas, look to see if mold build-up exists anywhere. Of course, you will want to keep an eye on these areas as time goes on.
  • A poorly maintained system can lead to health concerns for the users. Suppose the misting systems are not cleaned and are left to be filthy with dirt, dust, and bacteria. In that case, they can quickly spread bacteria into the environment. Dirty misting systems cause users to get colds, upper respiratory infections, and other diseases spread through contaminated water mist.

When Everything Is Said And Done


Addressing what it will take to maintain a misting system boils down to common sense. The most important things are:

  • Fix problem leaks when they happen.
  • Clean the nozzles regularly with vinegar or other solution that dissolves hard water build-up. It pays to clean up any mold or mildew you see on any parts or spaces on your misting system or patio.
  • Use a calcium filter or get a water softener for best results related to the mist residue left dried on the surfaces around your deck.
  • Remember, water and wood create rot and mold. Make sure to point the nozzles down or out, not toward the wood.
  • Maintain or hire someone to maintain your water pressure pump.
  • Feel good about the knowledge that you now have related to keeping misters for your backyard patio.

Until next time

I hope you are enjoying learning along with me. Please feel free to post your comments or questions below, as it helps me cover additional information I may have missed. 

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