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Want Superior Outside Patio Covers? Best Reviews Guide 2021

outdoor furniture covered up with fitted covers for the season

Best-Rated Patio Furniture Covers

This post is for those who wonder what the purpose and benefit of using outdoor patio furniture coverings are and which covers have the best rating. I will be showing you the best-rated outdoor patio covers. Are you ready?

It is not uncommon to see neighbors using furniture covers if you look around at your neighborhood. After all, it is the fall of the year before winter raises its ugly head. (My opinion about winter-Ugh!) 

So keep on reading to find out all you need to know to prevent your furniture from looking worn out and old before its time.  

The Purpose And Benefits Of Using Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

What is the reason people cover up their furniture in the off-season? It isn’t apparent to everyone because it is likely that you will see neighbors who don’t cover their furniture in the off-season.  

Covering your furniture with an actual cover or storing it inside is preferable. Doing so enhances the longevity and beauty of the furniture.

Using a cover on your patio furnishings protects the furniture from outside elements such as rain, snow, sleet, sun, and dust. The elements can ruin or degrade your furniture over time without patio furniture covers.  

People who live in areas where it doesn’t snow may also need to cover their outdoor furniture. Covering the furniture protects it from the sun or rain. Without doing so causes the furniture to degrade by fading or having too much moisture.  

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What Is All The Fuss About Covering Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

Many people do not want to have the added expense of purchasing outdoor furniture covers. However, outdoor furniture is expensive and challenging to replace every few years because of fading or moisture damage. 

Adding covers during the off-season will ease your mind, knowing you protect your expensive furniture from the outdoor elements.  

Avoids Mold and Mildew

When purchasing outdoor patio furniture coverings, keep some things in mind. First and foremost, make sure the cover is waterproof.  

Water mustn’t seep into the furniture through the covering. Moisture that gets on the furniture damages the structure and the beauty of your furniture. Too much water also can lead to mold and mildew, which is not what you want for your furniture.  

Also, removing mold and mildew is not easy or even 100% doable. There are products to assist you, but the odor and the stains resulting from the water damage are often permanent.  

Make Sure To Have A Proper Fit

In addition, a snug fit is also essential. Covers do little to protect if the wind blows them partially off the furniture itself. Measure your furniture before purchasing covers to ensure you are getting the best fit for your furniture.

Take a look at how the coverings are attached to the furniture. Some will have zippers, ties, buckles, or grommets placed evenly at the bottom of the cover. The grommets allow you to use a marine-grade or polypropylene rope to fasten and secure the cover on the furniture.  

Fabric Types

Disclosure:  “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Another factor is purchasing covers that provide ultraviolet (UV) protection. Many people don’t think the sun is damaging their furniture because it happens over time. Unfortunately, it isn’t noticeable until it is too late.  

Noticing your red outdoor umbrella has turned pink is avoidable with UV-protected covers and UV fabric spray.

The fabric should be heavy-duty for furniture that resides in places where there is winter snow, sleet, and strong winds.  

If you don’t have extreme winter conditions but have rainy conditions, you can use a lighter-weight material. Make sure the material is durable, waterproof, and breathable.

Some other possibilities for materials used in coverings are mesh, heavy-duty vinyl, tear-resistant, and flame-retardant materials, to name options.


I investigated and found reviews of three brands that I want to compare and select the best based on ratings, price points, and features.

1. Garvin Patio Furniture Set Cover  

2. Loriano Patio Furniture Covers

3. Gardrit Patio Furniture Covers 

Best Reviews Guide 2021

Disclosure:  “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

1. GARVIN Patio Furniture Set 

  • 9.8 out of 10 on Best Reviews Guide 2021

Sold by Amazon with prime free delivery and free returns

  • Weatherproof and wind resistant
  • Dimensions – 110″L X 84″W X 28″H
  • 4 Click-Close straps snap around wheels/legs
  • Fabric with Waterproof PVC coating & ultraviolet radiation coating and newly added waterproof tape at the seams. It helps to prevent moisture from infiltrating seams,

2. Loriano Patio Furniture Cover

9.5 out of 10 on Best Reviews Guide 2021

Sold by Amazon with prime free delivery and free returns

  • 4-piece patio cover set – This Loriano outdoor furniture cover includes two chair covers, one sofa/loveseat cover, and one coffee table cover. 
  • Dimensions: Armchair cover: 31″W x 28.5″D x 31″H , Loveseat/sofa cover: 54.5″W x 28.5″D x 31″H , Coffee table cover: 42″W x 22.5″Dx 13″H.
  • Waterproof: Heavy-duty 100% 600D Oxford water-resistant top fabric with added UV-stabilized coating and waterproof undercoating made to protect your patio furniture cover.
  • Windproof: The elastic hem cord has an adjustable toggle, allowing you to tight-fit the bottom of the furniture covers. Buckled straps over legs provide extraordinary security on the windiest days.
  • Easy to use: Large padded handles lift and remove outdoor patio furniture covers. Air vents reduce inside condensation and wind.
3. Gardrit Patio Furniture Cover   

9 out of 10 on Best Reviews Guide 2021

Sold by Amazon with prime free delivery and free returns

  • Dimensions:108’’L x 82’’W x 27.5’’H
  • 100% Waterproof and Heavy Duty – Its protective fabric system features fabric specially treated for cold weather, with a water-resistant guard for all-over protection from top to bottom.
  • Custom Fit Outdoor Furniture Covers with Advanced Windproof Features– Click-close straps snap around legs to secure built-in structured self-supporting air vents to keep air circulating and wind lofting.
  • Ventilated Air Vents – Built-in structured self-supporting air vents to keep air circulating and wind lofting.

In The Final Analysis

After analyzing the data from the ratings, there were clear points:

                      Best price 

GARVIN Patio Furniture Set Cover 

                    Best Design

 Loriano Patio Furniture Cover 

.                  Best Overall

Gardrit Patio Furniture Cover  

It’s known that the best price for a product is not always the best one to buy. In this case, Garvin was the cheapest and also won the highest rating with Best Reviews Guide 2021 at 9.8.  

Garvin didn’t have the features of the Loriano model’s handles, which could be very convenient. Even though Loriano had the best design, Loriano didn’t have a waterproof guard.

How the manufacturer treated the fabric was a plus, and it allowed Gardrit to win for water resistance. 

The winner for the best patio furniture covers is Gardrit.  If you live in a snowy region, Gardrit rates highly for water resistance, making a massive difference for protecting your furniture.

If you live in a dry region without much rain or snow (like Arizona), the sun will be your biggest offender. You can use UV Spray to mitigate the sun’s rays damage for sun issues.  

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know in the comments below what patio covers you prefer.  




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  1. Each fall we gather up all the cushions off her deck furniture and stuff them in plastic bags and haul them to the shed. The outdoors for them is pretty much out of commission until we Bring the pads back from the shed and put them back. I never really considered getting coverings for the furniture, but in reality, that seems much more practical. It would be nice on those warmer winter days to be able to go out and enjoy the deck.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your comments.  I have done the plastic bag covering as well.  I did notice a couple of my pillows in the bag had some moisture that leaked through and caused mildew.  The covers are meant to reduce the chances of moisture getting on the furniture and thus prevent mildew (or mold).  Many of the covers also have vents for air exchange.  I guess this is the real help.  I appreciate you stopping by.  Thanks!


  2. To be honest, I never have really thought about covering up my furniture outside. Now that I have read your article, it does make sense that covering it up would make it last longer. I did know that the sun was the reason, or part of the reason, for the colors fading. You should add links to the choices of coverings so people could click on them and see them for themselves.

    1. Great idea for the link. I should have thought about that. Thanks for your feedback and your comments about patio covers. I love to hear from my readers!


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