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During the summertime, many events and activities are held outdoors. Further, the cool part of this is we can get creative with how to use outdoor fans and misters. There are at least 4 ideas below for you to think about.

Trampoline Fun

In effect, kids love trampolines. I remember when my kids jumped on the trampoline with friends. Ultimately, jumping was their favorite thing to do in the summer.

Interestingly enough, they jumped when it was hot, humid, windy, cold, and any other time they could invite friends over for the afternoon. The trampoline was quite busy in those days.

Do you have a trampoline? Do you have kids that love to jump on it and goof around all summer long? Why not make it more comfortable by adding an outdoor fan or mister to the trampoline frame?

Would your kids love that or what? Consequently, you would be the best parents in the world if you attached a mister system or a misting fan to the trampoline area.

One family had a hugely popular set-up in their backyard. They attached a misting line around the outside perimeter of their trampoline like this. So much fun!

trampoline misters

Bars and Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant or a bar with outside seating? Would it be feasible to attract more customers to your establishment if an outdoor option cools?

Think of how many more people you could serve if you could use your outdoor space for seating. I bet many patrons sitting right up to the bar outside would enjoy cooling mist evaporating on their skin.

Adding misters may increase your sales, customer count, and popularity among the local establishments without too much money.  Kits are already available on various websites that are pre-assembled and ready to use.  You can customize the kits to your liking.

In fact, my recent misting systems reviews can be seen here. Take a look, and maybe you will find a system that is right for your outdoor area. Let me know in the comments if you go this route. I would love to hear how it turns out for your business.

misters at bar

Under the Umbrella

Another place that screams the need for misters is under your patio umbrella. Pointing the nozzles at a 45-degree angle outward positions them in the correct direction without getting soaked. 

Without the sun beating down on you, you can enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time in hot weather.

With a mist line around the perimeter of the patio umbrella, you can expect a mist wall that keeps those people under the patio umbrella quite cool.

The idea of installing misters under an umbrella is possible because anyone can order mister kits in many sizes. The portability of the misting kits allows the users to install misting kits practically anywhere outside. Easily attaching hooks to hang the lines is all that is necessary.

umbrella mister

Large Outdoor Events

Have you ever been to an outdoor concert or festival in the hot summer with large misting fans? Getting misted as you walk by a large fan is an awesome experience when you need to take a break from the heat.

Feeling the cool mist is what allows us to remain outside without getting heatstroke or heat exhaustion. Getting misted by the fan immediately resets the body temperature to the degree that is manageable.

The demand for these misting fans could increase as our world temperatures continue to climb. Not everyone is a believer in global warming.  At the same time, you must admit that this is a brilliant way to cool off in the summer’s heat.

Having misting fans around the grounds improves the likelihood that you may be able to stay out and enjoy the event for a longer period of time.

I saw recently that large misting fans are being used more frequently at amusement parks where people go to the park for the day and find themselves taking a walk to one of the many large misting fans available.

large misting fan

To Sum It All Up

There are many different ideas for outdoor spaces to cool off. A person is only be limited by their imagination when it comes to creatively utilizing these important cooling-off kits and fans. Further, kits provide many ways that to improve your outdoor experience.

Ultimately, having freestanding misting fans available in addition to misting lines opens up many more opportunities for it.  Uniquely, it is quite special for the chickens!

In summary, it doesn’t take a lot of money or time to make great use of misters and misting fans in various places outdoors. Sitting inside all summer is no fun for anyone. Additionally, finding ways to extend the outdoor time in the heat is well worth it.  I think your family, friends, and customers will readily agree.

Have a great day; maybe dreaming of all the ways you can use these to enhance your lives!

Feel leave your comments and ideas below. Likewise, I promise to write back to you.




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