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Why All Seasons On The Patio Are As Fun As Snoop & Martha 

How fun it can sometimes be that the most unlikely person becomes your ally. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are an unlikely pair, but it works, and they seem to have loads of fun.  Everyone wants to have loads of fun, and we can have fun all seasons on the patio.  The following ideas are just for you!  Choose a few and have a blast! Snoop and Martha, you ask?  See why all seasons on the patio are as fun as Snoop & Martha.

outdoor patio living space with love seat and 2 gray chairs. Four planters with flowers.

Things To Do In All Seasons On The Patio

1. Create a regular movie night! Whether it is just you and your significant other or the entire family, having a movie night can be a lot of fun.  Think “cozy and comfortable”!  

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Bring out the pillows, the blankets, and comfy bean bag chairs, to name some options.  Choose a flick that you and your significant other may like.  Maybe you would enjoy an action movie such as“No Time To Die.” or a romantic movie such as “A Star Is Born.”  If it is for the whole family, how about “Cruella”?  

Don’t forget the popcorn and your beverage of choice.  You can show it on a sheet up against the wall if you have a projector.  Otherwise, bringing out a T.V. isn’t so hard.  I hope you enjoy it!

2. Invite the neighbors or friends to a fire in the firepit or mini tabletop fire pit.  Have marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers ready for making s’mores.  Yum!  

You could even roast some wienies!  If you want to purchase a fire pit on sale, check out this one on Amazon.  I like it because it burns clean, unlike wood-burning fires some people don’t like because of the intense campfire smell on your clothes, furniture, and pillows.  

3. Taking an afternoon nap when the air is crisp and I am under a blanket and snuggled in is the best nap for sure!  Cooler weather, listening to the “white noise” of nature, or playing your favorite sleeping music is all you need to get some significant zzzs.  

My Brookstone nap blanket is this one that I purchased a few years back when they had brick and mortar stores.  Now it’s available online!  You will love the softness and the added experience it gives to napping!  

reading on a hammock

There Is More; Read On!

4. Curl up on a hammock, outdoor sofa, or bed with an excellent book to read!  Apples Never Fall by acclaimed author Liane Moriarty is one good choice.  If you want a little more mystery, how about The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave? 

Of course, a good magazine article, a popular blog post, or a podcast are great options also.  The fresh air and the opportunity to un-plug for a while are necessary for the soul.  

Don’t forget to turn off your phone so you aren’t miserably interrupted while getting your read on!

5. Do some nighttime stargazing!  Of course, there are optimal times for better stargazing experiences. It is best to look up at the sky before, during, and after each new Moon. The absence of the Moon allows you to see the stars that aren’t as bright.  

Wikipedia points out that it is more common to stargaze using mobile apps meant to enhance the experience of looking up in the sky.  

Using a mobile app can help you decipher what you are looking at and guide a person when setting up a telescope.  Who knew?

Are You Ready For Some Fresh Air?

6. Start your day with some yoga at sunrise. Following a sun salutation poster is an excellent way to learn the sun poses.  The benefits of doing yoga are abundant.  

Yoga increases blood flow, helps us gain more strength, tone, and flexibility in our bodies, and enhances our energy center. There are many more benefits that you will feel once you begin your practice.


woman with red fingernail polish knitting with beige yarn.


7. Start an arts and crafts project in the great outdoors! You don’t have to be a master crafter to enjoy creating art during all the seasons on the pato.  

Some ideas for enjoying the creative process while enjoying the outdoors are knitting, crocheting, drawing a landscape or portrait in the bright light, and even bringing out your sewing machine and making those placemats or curtains you have been meaning to make.

The creative juices can get going while experiencing different sensations such as light wind, sunshine, and even cloudiness can spark new ideas.  

Games And More

8. Another great option during all seasons on the patio is to play gamesThere are hundreds of activities/games to play for all ages.  The games can be simple or complex.  

Recently, I invited my nephews and their wives over for dinner on the patio. Each side had its own unpainted/undecorated cornhole board. After dinner, we had a contest of sorts with the guys against the gals.  

The contest was that each side would have 1 hour to paint designs on the cornhole board, and when finished, we asked our neighbor to vote for the best cornhole board design.  Sadly, the guys won this one, but the gals gave it a great shot!

Another fantastic game that anyone can play is called a hook and ring game.  Hook and ring is a simple game, easy to set up but challenging to master!  Even young kiddos like this one!

Of course, there are always the Giant Jenga game, bocce ball, or any board games.  Playing outside is suitable for everyone, not just the kids!

woman lying on the patio sofa at dusk with beautiful patio lighing

9. Create an outdoor setting with ambient lightingSparkling lights that light up at dawn are perfect for the patio.  Many people create the environment the way they want by using light as a source.  

There are many ways to light up your patio with different types of string lights, luminaries made from mini lights and mason jars, dimmable overhead lighting, lamps, and of course, candles that you put in safe spaces for just the right mood.  

lighting can make your patio feel like a completely different place at night.  I urge you to experiment with lighting and create the mood you want to relax in.  


10. Create a meditation area or zen space that helps you unwind and let go of the day’s worries by using planters placed around the patio with weather-friendly plants such as hardy mums and calendula flowers. Moon cactuses, oyster plants also caused Moses in the cradle (I love this name!), and cold-hardy evergreens, to name some, to get you started.  

Candles, meditation objects such as gemstones, rocks, trees or plants, are all tremendous focal points to have on the patio while meditating.  lighting, as mentioned earlier, helps set the mood and create the perfect space where you want to meditate. It would be a great option to add a meditation stool, bench, or cushion to improve the whole experience.  

11.  Select a swing or hanging rattan chair to add to your seating arsenal on the patio.  Comfortable places to relax are essential in that we need to be able to unwind and be comfortable.  

Back and forth motion is beneficial to us in several ways, as stated by site.  

One benefit is stress-reducing to our vestibular system, which controls balance and equilibrium, and also it helps us manage the coordination of our eyes to our head movements. Swings are a great asset to have on the patio.

In Conclusion

When I was a little girl, and my sisters and I were all hopped up on “goofinthol” in the house, my mom would say, “go play outside and get some energy out.” Today, it is still a top reason to get outdoors.  It is essential for our mental health and allows our stress levels to decline.  

Heading out into the fresh air and participating in relaxing or energizing things is an excellent way to manage our mental health.  I always feel better after breathing in the outdoor air.  

The list of great activities to add to all seasons on the patio makes it easier and more beneficial to our health while participating in the outdoor area.  Try it out by choosing one or two activities to begin with, and notice how you feel upon coming back into the house.  

I would love to hear your comments below.  Thanks for stopping by.


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